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Reggaeton Dance Party

This morning I did GrowWithJo’s Reggaeton Dance Party Workout again. This is the second time now and it’s great because it’s low impact and although there’s a lot of butt wiggling there’s no actual jumping. My weight is still the same but I’m starting to see some inches lost, I just need to be consistent. I hope to find some more of these types of workouts as they are so fun! I’ve dropped the video below in case you want to try it.

Reggaeton dance party workout | GrowWithJo

A Late Afternoon Trip to the Beach

After a couple sweaty hours working in our home office, we took a spontaneous trip to the nearby pebble beach to get some air and cool down. There was only one other person there (far away from us) so we felt comfortable, as opposed to the sandy beach along the bay which was still full at 7:30pm! 🙈

waves crashing on pebble beach
life is better in flip flops 😜

It felt so nice paddling in the waves, feeling the refreshing water on my toes and the free foot scrub from the tiny pebbles underneath. While we were there I found some sea glass which I hope to turn into something arty soon.

The sea air must have knocked me out because I was in bed for about 9:30pm and binge watched the last episodes of New Girl. I felt so chilled out. 🤗

On This Day 2020

Actually had a dream about some numbers and wrote them down in my sleep. I’ve done this loads of times. The writing always looks so scary the next day. 😂

On This Day 2019

I’m loving the tropical leaf print on Tom Nook’s shirt. 😍

On This Day 2018

I passed the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course and exam by Google Digital Garage! I’m legit framing my certificate and putting it on my office wall.

  • I wonder how that BuzzFeed guy is getting on with the ghost in his apartment?
    • apparently he got a movie deal for his creepy pasta story ‘Dear David
    • So weird I hadn’t thought of it until today and just caught up with the rest of the story! OMG I have chills, whether it was true or not I want to see it.

On This Day 2017

I’ve always put crisps in my sandwiches.

On This Day 2016

I’m not enjoying Facebook anymore!