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On This Day 2021

Today was the Nintendo Direct at E3 and I have a lot of thoughts on upcoming games, but in general I was underwhelmed.

On This Day 2020

  • Random Thoughts
    • Do I need groceries for the month or this Loungefly Baby Yoda bag? Maybe Baby Yoda will share his soup with me so I won’t go hungry. LOL. Might have to splurge on this. I passed on the Darth Vader Loungefly backpack a while ago and still regret it.
    • I guess people don’t like when I tweet about Baby Yoda and/or home decor as I’ve lost about 6 followers today.
    • The beauty of having your own blog is saying what you want.
    • That’s 2020 ticking all the boxes now. Aliens have arrived.
    • Weird band name: Please make some noise for the Disappointing Blueberries live on stage!
    • Tourists are allowed to fly here from June 21 and here’s me haven’t been out for coffee or to a non-essential shop yet. I guess I’d better do something this week before we get a second wave in July. 🙃
    • It feels far too soon and I doubt tourists will want to wear masks over here if they haven’t been doing so in their own countries. I’m nervous but I’m going to go out this week before it gets busy.
    • Is it me or does fashion look a lot different since before quarantine?
  • DIY Stuff
    • I’m a painting machine today. Next up is my lilac shabby chic stool I painted (badly) years ago. It’s going to be turquoise!
    • The quarantine, it’s got us all DIY mad.
    • New blog post, I painted this IKEA Fornbro table turquoise!
    • My downstairs neighbours are drilling tiles off their bathroom wall, we can feel everything LOL. At least my painting is quiet haha.
    • We’ve owned our house 15 years and there’s still loads to do. It’s a nice feeling to complete a project though. Loads of furniture bits to paint then attempting the walls which were last done when we moved in
Bruguer Chalk Paint Verde Turquesa
turquoise chalk paint
  • Gaming
    • Animal Crossing New Horizons: I need to move my museum. It’s right in front of the airport and my island is not very inviting at all hahha. What was I thinking?

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖🎮