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Geek Life Lately 1

I really want to get into the habit of sharing my week with you, what I’ve been up to and a few snaps so please welcome a new series Geek Life Lately.

I use both my iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th Gen to take my daily snaps and blog photos.
(2020 me is amused by this, I used to shoot all my photos in square mode too 🙈)

Rainy Day and Chocolate

Last weekend we drove into the mountains and it finally rained! Why am I so excited about rain? Well, because I live in the Canary Islands and rain is such a novelty here. I snapped this in the car on the way to our nieces birthday party, I love the way those brake lights on the car in front have blurred.

Rainy Day

The Lemony Pear book

I found this hilarious book in Carrefour for Spanish speakers learning English. It’s called The Lemony Pear! and has the most awesome illustrations. This page about feeling unwell had me in stitches laughing.
The Lemony Pear book

Pink Furby Nails

I painted my nails this awesome pink and I used my Happy Meal Furby to pose them instead of the nail polish bottle.
Pink Furby Inspired NailsMilka Bubbly Chocolate Bar
Did you know that last week was #ChocolateWeek? Not that I need any excuse but I enjoyed some really nice crepes with nutella and various chocolate bars. This Milka Bubbly chocolate bar was absolutely delicious and I polished the whole thing off.

Going Batty

I had a naughty little trip to Primark and picked up this bat t-shirt for about 3€. I did have one similar but it got ruined in the wash. A geek girl needs her wardrobe options for Halloween week you know! Saying that I’ll probably get more wear out of this year round than my evil pumpkin t-shirt.

Bat T-Shirt

My geeky week in stats:

noms I ate:
2 crepes with Nutella
Delicious carrot and pumpkin bread
More than 5 bars of chocolate 😉

Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 1 (2005)
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3
Maria Wern: Contagio Fatal (Swedish TV series dubbed in Spanish)

fitbit stats:
39,032 steps

video games played:
Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

How was your week? Are you all ready for Halloween? *evil laugh*