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Quitting Social Media?

The Diary of a Social Media Manager
It’s official, I have logged out of Twitter on my phone. Let the archiving commence. If you aren’t sure what’s going on round here, I’m in the process of quitting social media. Long story short, I’m going all in on my blog! So I would appreciate if you add Cuteek to your bookmarks or RSS reader. 💖

(I have since opened a Twitter account only for Ring Fit Adventure Club and Fitness Gaming. This is purely for fitness stats and workout motivation as I needed a way to communicate with the club, while at the same time working toward my Fit by 40 goal.)

Ray-Ban 5255 Black Crystal | Cuteek cute geek lifestyle blog
How can a blogger possibly quit social media? I guess we’ll find out LOL

For historic purposes and cringe moments, I’ve decided to archive it all on my blog, because let’s face it, blogging was here LONG before social media and I managed without it at the start. I’ll be doing a full post on this soon, how and why I’m easing off on some platforms and completely quitting others. Stay tuned.

  • Random Thoughts
    • When I was at the dentist last week, they asked me if my one remaining wisdom tooth was bothering me and I was like “No, haven’t felt anything, not bothering me at all.” Literally the day after my appointment, I started with wisdom toothache! Typical! 😆

Welcome to the Daily Geek Blog aka blogging my tweets instead of tweeting them LOL. The following is what I’ve done every May 27th for the last 10 years according to Twitter and Instagram.

On This Day 2020

  • Can’t believe I slept through the earthquake! – (future me is wondering what the heck this was about, I don’t remember any earthquakes LOL)

On This Day 2019

  • Local elections went really well last night (future me is like WTF? since when have I been interested in local elections?) HAHA

On This Day 2017

  • Fitness
    • My fitbit stats for 5/26/2017: 8,407 steps and 5.5 km traveled.
  • A joke
    • Dad: what’s the difference between a camera + a sock?
    • Me: Dunno
    • Dad: One takes photos and one take fivetoes

On This Day 2016

Working on new goals for the blog – exciting stuff on the way!

  • Watching
    • Call me grim but I think that Paper Towns should’ve ended with them finding Margo’s body in the field.
    • I always thought that Robbie Williams would make a great James Bond. Not a huge fan, but Skyfall was decent! My Dad was a fan so I saw them as a kid. Jaws from Moonraker terrified me haha
  • Fitness
    • My fitbit stats for 5/26/2016: 7,863 steps and 5.2 km traveled.

On This Day 2015

I love writing! 😍

  • Watching
    • Was just watching an interview about The Enfield Hauntings and something flashed up on the corner of the screen, when I rewound it was gone!

On This Day 2014

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • That moment when you are blogging, look up and realise you’ve been sitting in the dark for the last hour. 😂
  • Watching
    • The Notebook is on TV – help!
  • Fitness
    • My fitbit stats for 5/26/2014: 5,579 steps and 3.7 km traveled.