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Pugsheen Socks

Pugs n kisses! 🐶😍💕

How did I not know about Pugsheen?! These Pugsheen socks are perfect or should I say pugfect? Haha no. These are part of my Primark haul from today!

Pugsheen Socks Primark
Pugsheen Socks from Primark

I’ve always thought Pusheen was adorable but as a dog person I’m so happy to learn of this new character. These trainer socks are in constant rotation with my Pusheen coffee themed socks also from Primark.

The pastel pink, beige and grey go together so well and how cute is that little pup?

They are so comfy, the elastic isn’t too tight and they make me happy every time I see them. I got these just before I went into hospital for my second kidney surgery and wanted to have cute and cozy feet when I was laid up in bed for the month.