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Primark Haul September 2014

Primark Haul

Primark is one of my favourite low cost fashion shops, perfect for picking up wardrobe basics and my favourite, the logo t-shirt! Obviously it’s not the first time I’ve ever been to this shop but I’ve decided to share my latest Primark Haul with you all.

As usual I went to Primark to buy one item I really needed and came out with a bag full of goodies.

Primark Haul

I spotted this yellow Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt as soon as I entered the shop and it went straight into my basket. I’m a sucker for Spongebob tees what can I say?

Spongebob Squarepants T-shirt

This is Halloween, this is Halloween. How could I resist this pumpkin t-shirt? The design reminded me of Jack Skellington’s Pumpkin King face in Nightmare Before Christmas, which I LOVE! Both of these tees are great options for Halloween if you don’t feel like wearing a full on costume.

Pumpkin T-Shirt

Crossbody bags are my favourite type of bags. I like being able to have my hands free to take photos and so they are perfect for me. This one is smaller than my current bag, which after a year is looking worse for wear.

Crossbody Bag

Now that Fall is on the way, it’s time to swap my house flip-flops for slippers. These cute #selfiephant slippers caught my eye and they were even in the sale for just 1,50€!

Selfie Elephant Slippers

Last but not least we have a couple of products from the Primark P.S line. The nail polish remover is actually filled with nail polish remover drenched foam, which you just stick your finger in to remove your polish! Genius! It saves messing round with separate nail polish remover and cotton wool and it might just encourage me to paint my nails more often.

The face wipes are a must have in my beauty kit, they are cheap and remove all makeup and sunscreen in one go without making me break out.

Primark Beauty Products

So, that’s it! Well I also bought some underwear but I’m not putting THAT on my blog. Haha! Until the next Primark Haul.

Are you a fan of Primark? Which t-shirt is your favourite?