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Pretty Little Liars Theories: Alison had a baby

PLL day is here again and before tonight’s episode, I’d like to share some Pretty Little Liars Theories with you. Rewind back to 2013, I actually mentioned this in my first PLL theory blog post.

Byron is A

Alison had a baby

What? How? When? Ok, here’s where my theory of ‘Ella is A’ can tie in. I think at some point near the beginning of the PLL story, Byron (Aria’s Dad) got Alison pregnant! Shocker! Not really, he’s known for fooling around with students. So the reason Ali faked her own death was to get away from Mr & Mrs Montgomery (I think Ella found out) and became A.

Byron is A

When Melissa faked her pregnancy, it was to help Alison. She disappeared somewhere and I think wherever she went she was helping Ali give birth or using her healthcare number because at that point Alison was fake dead and couldn’t use her own.

I’d say this is the reason that Alison is still so scared, someone has her baby or is threatening to grab him. Last week the internet went mad with this Charles DiLaurentis anagram. Could that be the name of Alison’s baby?

In a nutshell, Alison gave birth to a child. Byron is the Father. Ella is A and Byron helps her.

Who do you think is A?