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PowerWash Simulator First Impressions

In this episode we take a look at PowerWash Simulator for the first time on PlayStation 5. Here are my honest first impressions of the game, as we clean a very dirty van and learn how to use the nozzles and sprays.

playing PowerWash Simulator for the first time

In each part of the game you are given something to clean with a powerwash system. As you clean you earn money which you can then spend on equipment to make your character look cool or make your job easier. I found the first clean up of the blue van very relaxing and it was the perfect amount of time to learn the controls. By the time the van was clean I had worked out and remembered most of the buttons.

I was reminded of 90s Summers, cleaning neighbour’s cars for a little pocket money. So thanks for the memory unlock PowerWash Sim creators!

There are some fun DLCs to check out but you pay extra for those in the PlayStation store. The SpongeBob levels are tempting! I did move onto the second level but my poor little ADHD brain felt very overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning up a whole garden. It just wasn’t as fun as cleaning the van. With too many elements to attend to I was distracted and couldn’t focus on washing one part or area. I do think other people will enjoy the satisfaction of this cleaning game though. Just not for me and I’m surprised I didn’t love it more as the first level was pretty chill.

Those are my first impressions and I look forward to doing more of these to get through some backlog games that I’ve wanted to check out.

Have you played PowerWash Simulator? What did you think?

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💦