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Ponyta Power Walk, Decluttering + Day 6 Fitness Gaming Challenge

Hey hey! I’m a little bit behind with these daily blog posts but that’s ok. I have been blogging daily since May and sometimes I’ll take a few days away from it to recharge. I’ll catch up eventually using my paper notes. 😊

Decluttering the Balcony

It’s still pretty hot here considering it’s September, I am so looking forward to cooler days. Nevertheless I cracked on with some more decluttering in my long winding road to minimalism. Today my goal was to clear the balcony area which had become a small dumping ground.

We still had a bunch of paint, brushes and rollers stored there from when I painted the hallway back in February! I guess I was holding onto them just incase I needed to touch up a mark here or there.

Bruguer, the paint we use has these special sample rollers that you can use for anything like that so I’d rather buy one of those if need be. The small amount of paint left had probably gone off anyway. There’s still a bit to do but it’s looking better already and I was able to recycle some stuff which is always a bonus. 😀

Day 6/30 Fitness Gaming Challenge

This morning I woke up really motivated to go on a power walk, so that’s what I did. I made sure Pokémon Go was on Adventure Sync, and did a track walk. I had some dance music on my phone to keep my pace and went for it.

Ponyta Power Walk Pokemon Go
Ponyta Power Walk | Pokemon Go

It seemed longer than my beach power walk on Day 1, probably because it was along the same track and I didn’t have the ocean to look at but it was still a great walk. I managed 2,62km in 35 minutes.

Apple Watch Stats Day 6 Fitness Gaming Challenge September
Apple Watch Stats Day 6 Fitness Gaming Challenge

My 7km Pokémon Go egg hatched too! I got a Galarian Ponyta, it looks just like a unicorn and bonus it has healing powers which is just what I need right now after hurting my back on Day 2 of this fitness gaming challenge.

Did you know that slow walking was a thing? Apparently it can be a form of meditation and although not classed as cardio, still has plenty of benefits like self awareness and reducing risk of injury if you’re just starting out.

At the end of my day, with the power walk and the cleaning I managed to rack up 8,199 steps which is such an achievement for me. My daily steps have stayed around 4,000-5,000 for sometime now. I’m sure Pokémon Go is going to encourage me to get even more steps in. E has also since re-downloaded the app, so we will be able to play together on our walks.

How is your week so far? It’s a religious holiday here tomorrow so we get a Bank Holiday Wednesday 😂 bang smack in the middle of the week!

This means many people are still in vacation mode, beaches are full and there’s nowhere to park. Local kids will finally be going back to school on Monday so it should be quieter in general from then and we will be able to go to our favourite places without crowds. We are on heatwave warning for temps around 40ºC degrees so I will be under the AC for the rest of the week and exercising safely when possible. 😅