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Pokémon Snap or The Dentist | Geek Blog 126

To Buy Pokémon Snap or Go To The Dentist? 🤔 2021

Being an adult means making important decisions like going to the dentist instead of buying Pokémon Snap and a capture card. It’s a terrible decision but I can’t take the face ache much longer. I was trying to wait until after my vaccine but that’s not happening anytime soon, looks like July or August for that. (Reader, I was wrong, my first vaccine was in June)

Pokemon Snap or a trip to the dentist?  Decisions were made
hmm mistakes were made lol

On This Day 2023

  • I’ve never played Stardew Valley. Wondering whether to stream it.
  • Well there’s my answer. YouTube and Google down atm = no stream

On This Day 2020

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons since day one and I still haven’t caught a single tarantula or scorpion!

On This Day 2016

  • Watching S1 E1 of Arrow. Hmm. I’m liking this first episode for the story arc. I didn’t have a clue what Arrow was about until now. However I might not last the season.
  • Game Center is not working on my iPod touch 5th gen anymore. Sad face.
  • No Free Comic Book Day for me again this year. The nearest participating shop is in Madrid!! #FCBD2016

On This Day 2015

  • I can’t stand English tea with milk anymore.
  • I would love to vlog but I’m not sure many people would want to watch this accident-prone goofball haha. I’ve done stage work and spoken crowds of people via microphone but never video.