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Pokemon Go 2017

Pokemon Go Cuties | Geek Blog 054

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On This Day 2023

On This Day 2022

On This Day 2021

  • I mentioned in a WhatsApp chat that I had Philadelphia on toast for supper.
  • 10 mins later I opened Instagram and they served me with a Philadelphia ad.
  • It makes a change from hair products and toiletries. I’m going to start mentioning weird stuff and see if I get ads. 😜

On This Day 2018

  • Brainstorming a brand new website! 😜
  • The lights keep flickering! Candles at the ready.
  • Update: It’s raining sideways.
  • Feeling so energised after a walk in the rain.
  • I must be a witch that gets energy from water or something because the rain really improved my mood, gave me energy and took away any stress! Actually had a productive afternoon. ⛈

On This Day 2017

  • The title of the book you’re reading and add “the stolen pies”.
    • Harry Potter and The Stolen Pies 😂 Some kind of Hogsmeade madness involving Harry’s invisibility cloak and the Three Broomsticks kitchen.
    • “All THIS for pie?!” “You are all going to be in soooo much trouble”
    • Quick, Crookshanks! Grab your laptop! Make notes!
  • Gaming
    • Evolved some cuties in Pokémon Go
Pokemon Go 2017
Auzmarill, Quagsire and Croconaw

On This Day 2014

  • Any movie recommendations? Last night I watched The Vow and cried like a baby.
  • I have 14 staple stitches in total on my stomach from kidney surgery on Monday – hoping they fade with some Bio Oil or something, when healed.

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