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Playing Fall Guys For The First Time

Here it is, me playing Fall Guys for the first time ever. There’s no commentary on this, it was the first of many test streams after I decided that Fall Guys is the perfect game to play on livestream.

Do you remember the first time you played Fall Guys? Did you play as bad as me? Find out how I got on and how long it took to get yeeted. 😅

I started at Season 4 on March 31st 2021 and progressed to eventually playing with commentary once I got my headset. Season 4 aka 4041 was set 2020 years into the future with themed levels in the Blunderdome.

Fall Guys Stream Season 4

I started my Fall Guys journey as a simple pink jelly bean with 1000 Kudos to my name which was the in game currency at the time and zero crowns. The kudos and crowns are what you used in game to buy super cute outfits and upgrades.

Fall Guys Season 4 Loading Screen
Fall Guys Season 4 Loading Screen

The first Fall Guys outfit that I unlocked was the Furry Alien when I reached level 2. The shows available were Main Show, Squads Show and Slam Dunk. At this point I had no idea what I was doing and chose Main Show, with my first level ever The Whirlygig which is a race through obstacles against 59 other beans.

Fall Guys Season 4 Lobby
Fall Guys Season 4 Lobby

Right off the bat I earned the Troublemaker trophy for bumping into the other beans and getting back up again. I then went on to unlocking Fall Throttle and then Snowflake for unlocking my first cosmetic item.

I was eliminated on my first race of course but had a lot of fun figuring everything out for the first hour.

Fall Guys Furry Alien Outfit
Fall Guys Furry Alien Outfit

During this 1 hour 9 minute stream of not really knowing what I was doing, I unlocked 6 trophies and by the end of the stream I had progressed to Level 7 in Season 4.

Shoutouts to fellow beans!

A big thank you to everyone who watched, lurked and joined in with our very first Fall Guys stream and chat. I appreciate you beans!

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Fall Guys is free to play on all platforms, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and XBOX! Look for it in your console shop.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💗🎮