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Pizza For Lunch

  • E made Pizza for lunch. It was so good! The jalapeños gave it a nice kick. We buy the basic cheese pizzas from Mercadona and add our own ingredients on the top.
  • Did 15 mins on my bike this morning listening to the BodyBangers playlist on Spotify.
  • Thanks for the free gold points, Nintendo.
  • Scored 10 free paid photo downloads in the Crello app, they will come in very handy! I use Crello all the time for YouTube thumbnails and blog graphics.
  • Should be getting my vaccine between 12th August and 16th September. (I got my first dose of Pfizer on the 22nd June :D)
  • Just when I think my skin is clearing up, another angry spot appears lol.
Mercadona Pizza For Lunch
Cheese and tomato pizza, topped with jalapeños

On This Day 2020

We went to the beach this morning for some air, there was a supermarket nearby in case the Guardia Civil asked what we were doing. Ah good old times of COVID and lockdown. Anyway I had this really funny idea for a TikTok video.

I wanted to do something really silly inspired by the Animal Crossing villagers from New Horizons. They are always running about Naruto style haha. Hope you like it.

typical villagers 😂

On This Day 2019

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • An afternoon of upskilling with HubSpot Academy (and some chocolate). I’m working towards my Social Media Certificate. 🤓
  • Animal Crossing Thoughts
    • Do you think Animal Crossing Switch will be online? I reckon the ACPC gifting system will be brought over to the Switch game. I’ve only played New Leaf but I found it annoying trying to be online at the same time as friends. Pocket Camp seems a lot smoother in terms of gifting and purchasing from friends. Hopefully what they have been testing in the app will cross over to the Switch game.
    • New Leaf online features weren’t great for me because of time zones. I think they have been testing to see what works with Pocket Camp to be honest and will bring that over to the Switch version. QR codes would be fun.
    • A holiday park would be amazing! I’d love a camp, a city, hospital, school, an island. Basically all on a map so you can visit and build different zones yourself.

I just found out that Melee Island from the video game Monkey Island is based off a town in Germany called Rothenburg! I need to visit this place someday!

On This Day 2016

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • There was an update yesterday and the Instagram app changed colour.
    • Pinterest is down. Fun times. Maybe they are undergoing maintenance or something.
    • Meanwhile I’m reading the ultimate 27 point Pinterest Checklist by Summer Tannhauser.

On This Day 2011

My Kinect is collecting dust. I haven’t played since I was ill, lost my exercise motivation.