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Pizza For Lunch | Geek Blog 133

Mercadona Pizza For Lunch
Cheese and tomato pizza, topped with jalapeños

On This Day 2023

  • Happy Zelda day! It’s Tears of the Kingdom release day.
  • People are getting so creative in the new Fall Guys creator mode.
  • I think I need to stream Bratz Flaunt Your Fashion.
  • Got out for a nice walk. 15 mins better than nothing.
  • Dedenne is my favourite Pokémon.
  • I’m on a 914 day Duolingo streak!

On This Day 2021

  • E made Pizza for lunch. It was so good! The jalapeños gave it a nice kick. We buy the basic cheese pizzas from Mercadona and add our own ingredients on the top.
  • Did 15 mins on my bike this morning listening to the BodyBangers playlist on Spotify.
  • Thanks for the free gold points, Nintendo.
  • Scored 10 free paid photo downloads in the Crello app, they will come in very handy! I use Crello all the time for YouTube thumbnails and blog graphics.
  • Should be getting my vaccine between 12th August and 16th September. (I got my first dose of Pfizer on the 22nd June :D)
  • Just when I think my skin is clearing up, another angry spot appears lol.

On This Day 2020

We went to the beach this morning for some air, there was a supermarket nearby in case the Guardia Civil asked what we were doing. Ah good old times of COVID and lockdown. Anyway I had this really funny idea for a TikTok video.

I wanted to do something really silly inspired by the Animal Crossing villagers from New Horizons. They are always running about Naruto style haha. Hope you like it.

typical villagers 😂

On This Day 2019

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • An afternoon of upskilling with HubSpot Academy (and some chocolate). I’m working towards my Social Media Certificate. 🤓
  • Animal Crossing Thoughts
    • Do you think Animal Crossing Switch will be online? I reckon the ACPC gifting system will be brought over to the Switch game. I’ve only played New Leaf but I found it annoying trying to be online at the same time as friends. Pocket Camp seems a lot smoother in terms of gifting and purchasing from friends. Hopefully what they have been testing in the app will cross over to the Switch game.
    • New Leaf online features weren’t great for me because of time zones. I think they have been testing to see what works with Pocket Camp to be honest and will bring that over to the Switch version. QR codes would be fun.
    • A holiday park would be amazing! I’d love a camp, a city, hospital, school, an island. Basically all on a map so you can visit and build different zones yourself.

I just found out that Melee Island from the video game Monkey Island is based off a town in Germany called Rothenburg! I need to visit this place someday!

On This Day 2016

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • There was an update yesterday and the Instagram app changed colour.
    • Pinterest is down. Fun times. Maybe they are undergoing maintenance or something.
    • Meanwhile I’m reading the ultimate 27 point Pinterest Checklist by Summer Tannhauser.

On This Day 2011

My Kinect is collecting dust. I haven’t played since I was ill, lost my exercise motivation.