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Painting Again

Who decided it was a good idea to start painting again in 30ºC+ degrees today? Ya girl! 🙈.

So the other day when I was decluttering the balcony I found some old paint tubs from back in February. I was totally going to dispose of them today when I thought I’d take a peek to see if the paint was salvageable and I could do some home decor project.

I was awake most of last night contemplating the Universe and one thing that crossed my mind was painting our bedroom. We have 2 wooden strips either side of our fitted wardrobe that have turned orange with the sun, I wondered what would happen if I slapped some paint on them.

Before and After Painted Fitted Wardrobe Panels
Before and After Painted Fitted Wardrobe Panels

Opening the paint, it wasn’t bad considering and after a good mix it was ok to go on. I wouldn’t like to paint a full wall with it but it was good enough and I hate wasting paint. As is a personality trait of mine, I start on something, get fixated, keep going and forget everything I’m supposed to be doing. So I ended up painting a bit of the wall by the window and a small bit by the bedroom door. When the weather cools down I’m totally doing the whole room 😂

Later on we took a drive to a cool shop called Primor. It has everything from kawaii stationery to Soap and Glory, high end to budget makeup including vegan products and imported Asian beauty items. With this past year, being in furlough and all that, we really cut back our already slow living and it was so nice to finally get some items that I’d been without.

My skin has suffered the last year (acne from much needed masks and eyebrows falling out to stress) it was nice to buy the products to help sort it out. I will show you in another post what I got because I will have to do a big declutter of old makeup and toiletries first.

Day 9/30 Fitness Gaming Challenge

Today’s fitness gaming went well. I started with the 10 minute Energising Indoor Walking Workout by Up To The Beat on YouTube. This is one of my favourites!

10 minute morning energiser walk

This really got the energy going. After that I had breakfast and as I mentioned above I was planning on a trip to the bin to safely dispose of the paint tubs with a power walk mixed in but I ended up painting. I used my Apple Watch with Other workout to count energy, time and calories burned with the work.

Day 9 Fitness Gaming Challenge September
A good start to day 9

My end step count for the day was 5,524, 98 minutes of exercise and 3,9km. I’m working on a 7km Pokémon Go egg from the Netherlands but today’s steps don’t seem to have synced up. Hopefully I’ll hatch it tomorrow 😆

How is your week going so far? I can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow!