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Alexa the Avocado

You’re probably sick of me talking about avocado by now, or maybe not? Well, this evening my Mother in Law brought round some ‘avocados of the day’ which are the ripest and butteriest ones I’ve …

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How to Grow an Avocado Tree

I was about to throw out the big stone from the middle of a yummy ripe avocado but then inspiration struck and I googled how to grow an avocado tree. Many would assume you just …

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Six Years of Blog Posts GONE!

This is my 'My blog was deleted' face | Cuteek Geek Lifestyle

I guess I’m here to rant again, well what would be the use in having a blog otherwise? So I still don’t have my blog back from Blogger or Blogspot. When I appeal they say …

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Zombie Flu and Things Not To Eat

I have Zombie Flu and feeling extremely ropey, with a weird old appetite. My Fanta limon tasted like it had Bacardi in it earlier, I made E taste some to prove it and he just …

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Pretty Little Liars Theories #1

Pretty Little Liars Theories

I’ve been having tweeting a lot about the latest goings on in PLL. I have all these crazy Pretty Little Liars theories, so if you don’t want any possible spoilers you may want to skip …

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My First Instagram Post 2011

My First Instagram Post | Geek blogger | Cuteek

Typical attire! Here’s 2011 me, making my debut on Cuteek’s instagram wearing my Garbage Pail Kids Ultra Violet t-shirt and some 3D cinema glasses with the lenses popped out. Of course all that had to …

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