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Zombie Flu and Things Not To Eat

I have Zombie Flu and feeling extremely ropey, with a weird old appetite. My Fanta limon tasted like it had Bacardi in it earlier, I made E taste some to prove it and he just …

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Pretty Little Liars Theories #1

Pretty Little Liars Theories

I’ve been having tweeting a lot about the latest goings on in PLL. I have all these crazy Pretty Little Liars theories, so if you don’t want any possible spoilers you may want to skip …

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My First Instagram Post 2011

My First Instagram Post | Geek blogger | Cuteek

Typical attire! Here’s 2011 me, making my debut on Cuteek’s instagram wearing my Garbage Pail Kids Ultra Violet t-shirt and some 3D cinema glasses with the lenses popped out. Of course all that had to …

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