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4 Outdoor Home Decor Ideas To Try Out This Year

As the summer approaches, many homeowners are eager to transform their outdoor spaces into inviting retreats. Indeed, your exterior area is one of the best places in your home to relax and entertain. According to 2021 research, 91% of the population agreed that the outdoor area holds value, indicating how much it is prioritized. So, if you have plans to upgrade your home design, here are some outdoor decor ideas to inspire you.

1. Green up your walls with vertical gardens

Cooper the Chihuahua
Cooper the Chihuahua posing with a pink buganvilla flower wall

If you have limited room or want to add a touch of greenery to your outdoor area, consider creating a vertical garden. These gardens use walls, fences, or even freestanding structures to grow plants vertically, maximizing space and adding visual interest. Choose various plants with different textures and heights to create a stunning living art installation. Herbs, succulents, or flowering plants can all thrive in vertical gardens, adding freshness and beauty to your outdoor decor. With a vertical garden, you can transform a bare wall into a lush, vibrant space that captivates your guests. Hot pink Bougainvillea flowers look especially pretty cascading over a wall, as you can see from the pic our Chihuahua Cooper enjoys them. 😄

2. Use outdoor rugs to create style and comfort

Outdoor rugs are an excellent way to introduce brightness, pattern, and texture to your exterior. They tie your furniture arrangement together and create a relaxing and welcoming feel. Additionally, outdoor rugs help define different zones, such as a dining or lounging area, within your outdoor setup. Choose rugs specifically designed for outdoor use, as they are made with weather-resistant materials that can withstand the elements. Opt for vibrant tones or bold patterns to make a statement or neutral shades for more understated elegance. Whichever style you choose, an outdoor rug will elevate your patio or balcony and make it feel like an extension of your indoor living space.

3. Rely on composite decking

To upgrade your outdoor flooring, consider investing in composite decking. It is made from recycled materials and synthetic fibers, balancing durability and aesthetics perfectly. Composite decking is also resistant to rot, fading, and warping, making it an ideal choice for outdoor areas that may be constantly exposed to the elements. Composite decking comes in a wide range of colors and textures, allowing you to find the perfect style that complements your home’s exterior. Unlike traditional wood decking, composite boards require minimal maintenance and won’t splinter or crack over time. With this, you can create a stunning outdoor space that is visually appealing and built to last.

4. Create a tranquil oasis with a pergola

Puerto de Mogan flowers
flower inspiration from Puerto de Mogan

A pergola is an elegant and versatile addition to any outdoor space. Typically made of wood or metal, these structures provide shade and define an area while allowing light to filter through. A pergola can transform a plain patio or deck into a tranquil oasis, whether freestanding or attached to your home. Decorate your pergola with climbing plants like ivy or jasmine to add a touch of natural beauty. Consider stringing fairy lights or lanterns to create a magical atmosphere for evening gatherings. With comfortable seating and comfy cushions, your pergola will become a go-to spot for relaxation and entertaining guests.

A wooden pergola and outdoor furniture next to a turquoise swimming pool
Pergola ideas and inspiration

We installed a pergola on our rooftop garden last Autumn, it’s such a lovely space, gives us some shade and is an ideal extension to our home. I’ll share some before and after pics with you soon!

Will you be making any additions to your outdoor space this year? Did you get some outdoor home decor ideas from this post?

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🌸