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One Month Later | Geek Blog 324

On This Day 2021

Oops! So I guess I took an unplanned hiatus from the blog and here we are one month later.

A lot has happened this month including my BIG LEVEL UP birthday and some island hopping. I will tell you all about that a separate post plus show you what I got for my birthday. For now I just wanted to flex my brain and do a bit of an update.

The Daily Geek Blog posts will continue until the end of the year (when I can). From January 1st 2022 I’ll be going back to Geek Life Lately, which is a weekly blog post.

One Month Later

It’s currently Friday evening, I’m watching E play Star Wars Battlefront 2015 and we have fizzy sweets. All is good in our cozy little corner of the world.

Tonight I did my second Animal Crossing stream. I had more lurkies this time, but I know it’s Friday night and people have stuff to do, many people will be playing Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pearl which came out today!

Thanks to Estellosaurus and Lucy Turns Pages for watching and of course E my Fiancé for watching from the other room 💜 Even just one person watching gives me the encouragement to keep going.

You can catch up below if you missed it live 😉 and subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss the next one.

Animal Crossing Livestream

Day 19/30 Fitness Gaming Challenge

Yes the fitness gaming challenge is still a go! Although I went on holiday at the start of the month and took some time of for my birthday, I was still playing Pokémon Go as part of the fitness challenge. Apple Fitness+ is now available in Spain so I’ve included that in the challenge too.

My free trial lasts until December 4th so I’ll let you know what I think of it after then. Anything with a gamification aspect to it will be included in the challenge.

There’s still 10 days left of this month so I hope you decide to join in or pick back up. 💪🏻

On This Day 2020

I’ve left Instagram for good this time (it took me a few times but I eventually quit 😅)

For me it wasn’t the latest update that did it but I’ve seen a few people leave because of that. I’m just finding it flooded with pretty, toxic fakes and it’s taking a huge chunk of my time. It looks like Twitter fleets are my stories now. 😁 I’m happy to be working more on my blog these days.

On This Day 2019

Actually getting some work done tonight. It can be difficult with a sick senior dog. 💜🦊

Reboot’s podcast episode TCJ 023: Mike Vardy’s Journal and Time Crafting

On This Day 2017

Watching The Hunger Games for the first time. Have never read the books either. This is a crazy but clever concept!! I’ve never really been into dystopian stuff.

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  • I had a good sort out yesterday, still got loads more to do though. I don’t know where it all comes from. This is me trying to become a minimalist! To be fair I’ve stopped buying as much as I did. It’s just trying to sort out this accumulation of things from over the years.

How often do you write posts that don’t require you to spend money on props or products?

For my travel blog I can just go outside and take photos – it doesn’t cost anything, maybe a bit of petrol money if I go further afield. Time is such a huge cost when it comes to blogging. Your home is someone else’s destination – whether it be tropical islands, city, or middle of nowhere.

On This Day 2016

Playing Star Wars Battlefront 2015 and rage quitting all over the place. 😅

On This Day 2012

Still waiting on my ‘pre-ordered’ Zumba Core game from PLAY, I could’ve bought it in a shop quicker! 😂