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October Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

Spooky scary skeletons! It’s Spooktober 🎃 my favourite month and time for the second edition of the October Fitness Gaming challenge. Here’s how I got on in October 2021. As it’s getting close to my 41st birthday, I’m still working towards my Fit at 40 goal (as in fit in my forties) This is my ultimate goal and focus for the fitness challenges that I take part in. It’s so awesome to see more people joining Fitness Game Club on twitter too!

My weight has been up and down in September, probably due to a kidney infection, bloating, inflammation and all that, so I’m not that worried about the numbers, but I would like make some progress this month, so losing 1 kilo and keeping it off sounds reasonable.

Weight-loss results for this challenge

October 1st start weight: 72.1 kg
October 30th end weight: 71.9 kg
Total weight loss after 30 days: 0.2 kg

Day 1 – Let’s Go!

playing Nintendo Switch Sports on October 1st 2022

Like every new month of this challenge, day 1 get’s me hyped! I’m starting off at 72.1kg this month. I’ve had a headache on an off so I had a slow start to the day with an early breakfast and an hour playing Fall Guys. Saturday is when we get to hang out with Chester and Cooper, we took them for a short steep walk and then enjoyed coffee and cake (yes I eat cake on this journey). In siesta we watched Hocus Pocus 2 and had chicken and rice for lunch. I’m still behind on chores from being sick last month, so I had a good clean round the house and finally I had chance to play Nintendo Switch Sports. I had a quick session on badminton and lost haha. It was fun to get back to it though and there are so many new cute unlockable outfits that I need including a coffee collection.

Day 2

Today we found a new power walking route and once the weather cools down a little we are going to take advantage of it as it’s longer than the current route. I hatched 4 eggs in Pokemon GO and Jangmo-o was added to the Dex with a step total of 7,316! I’m slowly creeping toward my daily step goal of 7,500. While on my walk I found a shop that sells Adidas tracksuit dupes and of course I had to try some on. Sizing can be weird here and I’ve learned no to be bothered about the number or letter, I just get what fits. They fit nicely, maybe a bit long but I will see how they wash and maybe pick up some lilac adidas trackpants from the same place. Then I will match my Bitmoji haha.

Day 3

Happy Mean Girls Day! So this stupid sandstorm had me sniffing and sneezing most of the day and my migraine came back. Siesta’d for 2 hours! Me and E saw a rat on our Pokéwalk this evening! I tried to get a photo to show you but it ran off LOL. I was brave getting as close to it as I did. I think the tropical storm that we had last week disturbed his home or something. Anyway, I’m working on 4 PokéEggs.

Day 4

Today I tried a new cute fitness app called Fitment. It’s like Duolingo and Animal Crossing had a baby with a mixture of WiiFit. I tried the Sit Fit activity which was short and sweet but still got my blood pumping and was a nice stretch in between work. It’s still hot and sandy but it also rained so my walk was around the mall after a much needed siesta.

Day 5

Another pokéwalk today! Other fitness games will resume once the air quality improves.

Day 6

We had Chester and Cooper for the day so we took them on a short walkies before settling down on the sofa to watch Mr Harrigan’s Phone. When the weather is dusty like this it’s best not to exert yourself really, as we have PM10 and PM25 particles flying round. I really need to wipe every surface in my house down with a damp microfibre cloth as there is a layer of red sand everywhere.

Day 7

Today I woke up motivated so I took a sunrise Pokéwalk for a change. It was a little cooler than usual this morning (21ºC lol) and I found a heart shaped leaf which was nice! I also managed to get plenty of work done, it seems my body is naturally adjusting to this time of year and the upcoming changing the clocks to go back. I’m not sure if it’s because I was born in Autumn or what but my body always feels in sync once the clocks go back. I ended up going on an evening pokewalk today too so I was absolutely exhausted by bedtime and reached my step goal of 7,500+

Day 8

My kidneys were bothering me last night, probably because of all the activity yesterday. I got up early, made some tea, played Fall Guys and Yakuza Like a Dragon. A siesta was much needed and then a coffee with E, before supper and a quick walk.

Day 9

This morning we did some work on the roof garden, clearing the furniture away and giving the fence a wipe down. The whole thing is covered in sand and dust. Funny how at the end of last month it was inundated with puddles from the storm! We lasted about 20 mins out in the heat before the coffee goblins called to us and we walked to a local bar (those steps all count) 😁 The coffee was much needed but so was some Sunday chill time, so I had a good rest on the sofa out of the heat before I went back up to the roof garden to tidy some more.

Day 10

Day 11

No weight loss this week but my clothes are starting to fit better. 😀 That’s why I never fully trust scales. I haven’t worn my blue Stranger Things t-shirt (* a gift from Truffle Shuffle) in so long and was really pleased it’s hugging in all the right places. It will be nice to get rid of some of my baggier tops now my waist has popped in a bit.

Cuteek Stranger Things Tee Truffle Shuffle
Stranger Things Tee by Truffle Shuffle

Day 12 – 17

Guys I haven’t abandoned this project, I’ve just forgotten to update. In between quitting Twitter and a week of very early mornings with building work going on I just haven’t been on here as much. Pokéwalks and closing my apple watch rings have been my priority lately and taking care of my mental health. My weight hasn’t changed much but we’ve been eating healthier at home. E has been making homemade versions of our favourite takeaways and they legit taste 1000 times better. We did hop out for a Burger King treat the other day which was nice seeing as we have cut out our weekly McDonalds. With half of the month gone I feel like I need to put some more effort into movement this next 2 weeks before my level up day.

Day 18

Today’s Pokéwalk was a lovely stroll along the promenade ending in with a PSL watching the sunset.

Day 19

I feel like I’m getting sick so I prioritized a siesta and did some chores around the house to keep moving.

Day 20

Woke up feeling like I have a headcold and zero motivation. I wanted to do yoga but I just didn’t have it in me.

Day 21

Since I was feeling a bit odd this week I gave myself the day off. I treated myself to an early morning walk, played Pokémon GO and closed my Apple watch rings. I started with a fuzzy headache so I had an early night.

Day 22

I woke up with an awful migraine which I feel has been brewing all week. Today is our day with Chester and Cooper so I focused on that and we took them on a walkies to a new trail we found. A strong coffee took the edge off my banging head and plenty of rest with a scary film. My headache made a stronger appearance later on and I went to be early.

Day 23

Despite feeling even worse today with my migraine, throwing up and crying my eyes out I managed 2 pokéwalks. I did take a much needed siesta surrounded by squishy pillows and the comfiest pjs I could find. To my surprise, my COVID test was negative, so I guess I have that other lurgy that’s making the rounds at the moment. I think I know what happened, I’ve been masking this whole time and just before I got sick I used the public bathroom at the mall without my mask and in the same week I went into 2 shops without for the first time in years. It’s no wonder I picked something up.

Day 24

Still feeling fuzzy and sneezing non-stop but thankful that the migraine from hell has gone. We had a nice walk along a beach promenade to breathe some sea air and watch the sunset. My Pokémon GO hasn’t been working properly the last few days which I’ve really missed.

Day 25

Ok so I’ve really been rubbish with my motivation lately but looking back at my notes it seems I’ve had some kind of flu lurgy this past week. i made sure to rest and take walks when I felt able to. I was up very early so hopefully I can sleep tonight. My Pokémon GO is working again so we enjoyed an evening power pokéwalk. My daily incense is still broken but I’m loving all the spooky Halloween themed Pokémon all the same. With just 5 days left of the challenge (6 days left this month) I was hoping to be more motivated and closer to my goals but what can you do? Tomorrow is a new day ✨

Day 26 – 29

Guess what? More Pokéwalks but it’s become a routine and that’s awesome. Even if we go for coffee or shopping we are trying to squeeze extra steps in here and there. I know many people say aim for 10,000 steps but 7,500 is my sweet spot as it includes hills. Since it’s cooled down a bit we are trying to get Chester and Cooper to walk a bit further too when we see them at weekends, it’s nice to find new trails and explore.

Day 30

It’s the last day of the challenge and my end of month weigh-in is 71.9.kg. I took a Pokewalk but it was strange as the clocks have gone back and now sunset is a lot earlier so I’ve adjusted my evening walk to suit and because of that I should have time to do a short fitness game workout when I get back before I have supper and get ready for bed as ideally I want the mornings for yoga and meditation.

BONUS DAY: Happy Halloween 🎃

So I decided to end the month on a high with Yoga with Adriene’s Halloween yoga for bone health. I was pumped for this one! How does Adriene always know what we need?

Final Thoughts

I absolutely know that I can do better, motivation was lacking a bit this month, but I’m finally discovering a balance and getting into more of a routine were exercising takes priority again. Not to say that I haven’t done anything this month, I’ve been walking daily and I think that’s helped me maintain as I’ve also been enjoying all kinds of treats.

This time last year I was 76 kg, not a huge difference I know but I can definitely feel it on my short frame. That’s like carrying a huge water bottle round with me. I was looking at photos from my birthday last year and my face is a lot slimmer now. Anyway we now head into my birthday week of course there will be sweet treats but also sweet exercise. 🍰 Let’s get ready for the November Fitness Gaming Challenge!

How did you get on with fitness and wellness this month?

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 👾