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October Fitness Gaming Challenge 2021

After the success of the Ring Fit Adventure Club (now the Fitness Game Club) in August and the first round of the Fitness Gaming Challenge in September, we are back! I’m so happy that more people are showing interest in the challenge, it’s the best little motivational support group.

After a month of sticking to the September challenge as best I could, I’m feeling so much more motivated, my stamina has definitely increased and feeling happier in general despite the state of the world. I have lost weight but that’s something I talk about in my Fit By 40 post.

I’m waking up a LOT earlier than I ever did, grabbing my workout gear and actually have a spring in my step to workout. Of course I have those days when it’s difficult but in general the energy and enthusiasm is there.

Weight-loss results for this challenge

October 1st start weight: 75.7 kg
October 30th end weight: 75.9 kg
Total weight loss after 30 days: gained 0.2 kg

Day 1

This morning I got out early before it got too hot and did a 30 min walk which was more like a hike really with the incline I did (the joys of living on a volcanic island) 😜 There was a 3 second moment were I was like, oh crap I bit off more than I could chew with this, but once I got to the top it was so much better and I could enjoy the view.

I listened to Spotify on my phone which I kept in my hand, as I don’t feel safe walking wearing headphones. I like to be aware of my surroundings. Anyone else do this? It also meant that once I saw there was no one around I could catch a Pokémon here and there while working on a 7km egg in Pokémon Go. 😅

Day 3

Happy Mean Girls Day losers, we’re going jogging. 😂 After watching ShortStackedCat’s The Sims 4 stream and a bit of lazing on the sofa I decided to play Ring Fit Adventure. Mountain Climbers are NOT my friend. Anything like that and planks just has me feeling nauseaus but I got there in the end. It may have been the large bowl of popcorn that I inhaled while watching Twitch, who knows? 

Here’s a victory selfie of me after a good workout! Also I found my headband so now more burning sweat in my eyes haha!

Fitness Gaming Challenge October Day 3
Fitness Gaming Challenge October Day 3

Day 4

In a nutshell I was up at 5am did a bit of early morning scrolling, then went to throw my workout gear on before I lost motivation. Did a 30 minute hike/walk and then had breakfast. I had a new cereal so that was exciting.  Honey flavour Special K incase you were wondering. 😂

Later on I mopped our roof garden, so I’m counting that as a workout too, especially as it was really hot again today.

I’m still working on a 7km egg in Pokémon Go, so I will share that with you once it’s hatched. 

Day 11

This morning I felt refreshed and ready to take on some Ring Fit Adventure. To give me a bit more of a spring in my step, I put on my favourite “Suavemente” radio playlist. I completed Twilight Highway, reached Level 34 and earned the title Devoted Arm Twister. 😁

Ring Fit Adventure Level 34
Ring Fit Adventure Level 34

Time is running out as I near the deadline of my Fit By 40 challenge, but you know what? I don’t see not reaching my weight loss goal as failure at all. Looking at all the progress I’ve made motivation wise, physically and mentally outweighs it all. I could probably run away from the zombies now if I had to, which me from several months ago would have struggled with. 🙌🏼

So I keep counting my wins, including levelling up in Ring Fit or knowing when I need to stop and rest.

Day 12

Today is the last day of our 4 day bank holiday weekend, so I did plan on an evening session of Ring Fit Adventure but it didn’t happen. Although I did play Pokémon Go and caught a feisty Patrat in the wild.

Day 19

This morning Knockout Home Fitness well and truly kicked my butt. I wasn’t playing it for that long but there’s just so many boxing moves to do all at once, I tired quickly. I feel like some of the moves aren’t explained very well and I will definitely need to look at the correct stances on YouTube to prevent injury.

Knockout Home Fitness Punching Workout
Knockout Home Fitness Punching Workout

I really liked the calendar view at the menu, in the full version of the game it will show workout stats. The trainer wasn’t too annoying but the music kind of drowned her voice out in parts. Once I’d completed the Warm 04 Punching Workout, another short workout was unlocked. After that one was kickboxing, so I’m going to give this a few more goes to check that out.

There’s a free demo in the Nintendo eShop if you want to try it out for yourself.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖