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November Photo Challenge 2013

Southport, St Ives and That Time I Dyed My Hair Pink

Time for the November photo challenge round up of days 6-10. I’m trying hard to keep up but it’s not easy, I usually just snap away and post whenever I feel like, but I suppose that’s why it’s a challenge.

Day 6: Happy Memory

This was taken Southport pier, a typical English seaside I visited with family this year. It’s a happy memory for me because it was pure quality time, we had a lovely walk along the pier to the vintage arcade at the end.

Southport Pier

Day 7: Favourite Food

My in-laws have avocado trees growing in their garden, so there’s no shortage of them when in season. It’s avocado toast day everyday.


Day 9: Night

Another English seaside photo, this time from St.Ives in Cornwall. It’s one of my absolute favourite places on Earth and I so lucky to visit there late this Summer. St.Ives totally deserves it’s own blog post, so keep an eye out for that. This was taken at the harbour, we were people watching and just enjoying the evening air.

St.Ives at night

Day 10: Hair

I’ve been adding streaks of pink and dip dyeing my hair, before the term dip dyeing was around, but this Summer I decided to dip the ends of my hair pink. I ordered some pink dye from Amazon and did it myself at home, it turned out pretty sweet, you can read how I did it here.

pink curled hair

Here is a list of November Photo Challenges and prompts to get your little grey cells working.