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Bitmoji on treadmill chasing pizza

November Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

November is my birthday month and how better to celebrate than with some self-care in the form of nutritious food and exercise. I’m SO ready for this month’s fitness gaming challenge. Life is a bit different now since I’ve quit all remaining social media, so I going forward I hope ...

November is my birthday month and how better to celebrate than with some self-care in the form of nutritious food and exercise. I’m SO ready for this month’s fitness gaming challenge. Life is a bit different now since I’ve quit all remaining social media, so I going forward I hope to put more effort into workouts, being intentional about my food and keep going with my main Fit At 40 goal.

Bitmoji on treadmill chasing pizza

Yoga is something I would like to prioritise this month and I’ve signed up for Yoga with Adriene’s Meditate calendar which I’m looking forward to each morning. On Halloween I did the Yoga for Bones practice and remembered how much I enjoy that yoga feeling, even if it’s a little challenging at times.

I mentioned in the October Fitness Gaming Challenge how my evening Pokémon GO walks are now earlier because of daylight savings, so I want to add in a short fitness game before bed. This kind of routine sounds ideal. Let’s see how I get on!

Weight-loss results for this challenge

November 1st start weight: 71.9 kg
November 30th end weight: 71.8 kg
Total weight loss after 30 days: 0.1 kg

Day 1 – Let’s Go!

Happy November it’s day 1 and I’m ready! Today I have weighed in at 71.9 kg which has been up and down in the last week due to my period. I would like to get into the low 70s by the end of November, 2 kilos in a month? It’s certainly doable.

I’m so grateful for past me for committing to yoga and meditation this month. It meant that even though I was really tired this morning all I had to do was send today’s Yoga with Adriene video to the TV. The practice was a 10 minute Resolve to Evolve meditation. I’ve never really done guided meditation before and Adriene did explain there’s no real perfect time to do it which makes sense really. It would be great to use this as a tool when I feel anxious.

10 minute meditation – Yoga with Adriene

Despite closing the curtains and finding a good space, I could hear the neighbours shouting in the street (very normal here but distracting). I started in seated position but was glad there was the option to lay down, as my back around my left flank area was very achy this morning. There were a few zen moments here and there but mostly I used the time to work on my back posture and breathing. Probably the most difficult thing for me with yoga is actually showing up on my mat. A work in progress. 😅

Forgot to mention: Today I started taking Supradyn vitamin gummies which are supposed to give you energy. I feel back asleep after taking mine haha. The pharmacist told me they are a good multivitamin so I’m hoping they have an effect on my skin and hair too. My skin is terrible at the moment, spots popping up everywhere and my hair started growing back where it fell out but it grew back a different texture.

Day 2 – My Birthday!

It’s my birthday – I’ve had an amazing day, ate cake, takeaway and even still got out for an evening walk to keep momentum.

Day 3 – 13

The first half of November has been mostly evening Pokéwalks, playing ball with the dogs on walks, going to bed earlier and some off days with my kidneys and more recently full of cold. Even on those off days I feel like I NEED the daily walk or I don’t feel right. We upped our walks to about 40 mins and I love the feeling afterwards.

Day 14

We have a sandstorm right now and it can make you feel like you are full of cold, but there’s also flu (and covid and apparently some mixture of the two) going round at the moment so who knows? What I did know was that I needed to do some yoga today, so I chose Yoga with Adriene’s 7 Minute boost. It gets the blood flowing, there’s no need to roll out the mat as it’s all standing yoga and I didn’t have to swiffer the floor. There was no excuse and afterwards I felt more like a person. I still spend the day on the sofa but this evening we went on a spontaneous beach walk to breathe in some sea air.

Day 15

Again, not feeling the best and can’t stop sneezing. Some family members have had flu the last week, so it’s very likely that’s what I’m fighting off. So while I have set up my office on the sofa, I still wanted to do some very light movement and jumped on the bike for 10 minutes while I checked my emails.

Day 16 – 29

LOL guess who got the zombie flu? I’ve basically been on the sofa pressing watch next episode on Netflix as my cardio. Only joking, while I’ve been feeling crappy, I still got out for a walk around the block or moved in some way. I could feel the flu going on my chest so short walks helped it a bit. The lurgy stayed with me for about 2 weeks and took me a while to get rid of my cough.

Day 30

It’s the last day of the challenge and my end of month weigh-in is 71.8.kg. No real weight loss and I’m not surprised really with having the flu and resting a lot. We got out for an evening walk which was about 45 minutes right by the sea to get some of that ocean breeze.

Final Thoughts

Again, I absolutely can do better. You might say this month was a write off but I don’t think so, I still pushed myself within reason and while sick. I will keep pushing a little more out of my comfort zones. Going forward with the December Fitness Gaming Challenge, I know I can do this! Check the new post for my goals for the month and updates.

Will you be joining in with any fitness or wellness challenges this month? Let me know in the comments

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