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New Month New Horizons

New Horizons

I treat each new month like New Year. It’s time for a fresh start, new challenges, surprises and time to learn new things. This month I’m booked to get my COVID-19 vaccine and I also want to get serious about my Fit By 40 challenge or regime.

What are you looking forward to this month? Let me know in the comments

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real life Animal Crossing lolz

On This Day 2020

  • Random Thoughts
    • Somebody dropped an abandoned puppy off at the local vets. I can hear him crying. 😭
      The vet assistant who lost her dog recently has taken a shine to the puppy. I think he got a new furever home. 💖
    • Feel like screaming or throwing something!

On This Day 2019

Happy Animal Crossing Direct month

On This Day 2018

Maybe reading about Canary Islands folklore and the scary volcano demon before bed wasn’t such a good idea. 😆🌋

On This Day 2017

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Catching up on social media from my exercise bike
    • Why am I only just hearing about the Beauty & the Beast Chip mug from Primark?
  • Watching
    • To be honest I just want Pretty Little Liars to finish now. I’m excited to see who is A (I think Ella Is A) but it’s been dragging on far too long.
    • So excited to see the Murder on the Orient Express trailer of course I had to write up and reaction blog post. I think I want to start an Agatha Christie gang haha.
    • Captain Planet was one of my fave cartoons as a kid. I honestly believe it shaped some of my recycling habits today.
  • Gaming
    • I think Overwatch is one of those games that people are getting because other people are enjoying. I’m considering it, plus there are awesome Overwatch hoodies and merch! 😆
      I need to look into it more. My gaming backlog is ridiculous right now.

On This Day 2016

  • Another 3 bags of things off to the local animal charity shop. #LivewithLess

On This Day 2015

  • I should really be packing…
  • Winter is coming!
  • I’m obsessed with Mort the lemur from Madagascar.

On This Day 2012

  • Made and enjoyed the most delicious dairy-free Strawberry and Banana smoothie 😛
  • Saw a guy dressed head to toe in Union Jack yesterday it was like the Jubilee had swallowed him whole!
  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Blackberry or iPhone is trending on Twitter. I had a BlackBerry for 3 days, and I’ve since had my iPhone for 3 years, do the math – iPhone is superior!
    • Not knowing what day it is because you work from home and everyday feels like the weekend. 🙂
  • Gaming
    • Played Sorority Life and Zumba Fitness Rush.

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