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Geek Life Lately: New iPod

In this edition of Geek Life Lately, I got a new iPod and went on shopping spree to Primark after visiting a digestive specialist!

I had to go and a digestive specialist in the city so I thought I’d make a day of it and go shopping at the same time. Reading that back it sounds like I went to see a digestive biscuit specialist LOL. When I go shopping, it usually results in an epic spree, as I probably won’t go again for another month so I like to make the most of it.

First stop was my favourite clothes shop Primark. My bronze sneakers or pumps were starting to look really scruffy, so I picked up these pink and grey leopard print pumps for just 4€. They are super comfy and I saw a similar pair of Vans but they were 70€! Ha! I win!

Leopard Print Pumps

I have been accumulating collecting diner style memorabilia like Coca-Cola Decor and bits for my future 50’s diner in my lounge. So, I spotted this cupcake money box which is so cute, I probably won’t use it for saving money in, but for a sweet decoration instead.

Cupcake Moneybox

I also picked up a vanilla pod air freshener thingy, with sticks and oil from Primark as I love nice smelly things for my house and I can’t really burn incense at the moment as my Dad is visiting and he is asthmatic.

I’d had intentions of upgrading my camera for a while. Well I use my Samsung Galaxy Ace for taking photos for work and it’s better than my actual camera, but, I did notice the video wasn’t so good and a few other things. Forget that, I just wanted an excuse to get a new Apple gadget and the new iPod touch 5th gen in turquoise had caught my eye.

To quote Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World – ‘Oh yes it will be mine’

iPod touch 5th gen

I’m loving my iPod so much, I couldn’t wait to get all my favourite apps downloaded and synced up. How is it possible I’ve taken 100 photos on it already? Ha! Typical of me, but I did have some lovely things to photograph for work such as a beautiful sunset, sunrise and stroll around a particularly enchanting harbour. (I will add links to these photos as they still need uploading)

Still plenty to blog about, but I’m going to leave it for another post, I’m quite sleepy. I had the intention of playing Gardens of Time before bed, but now all I can hear is the music and it’s so tranquil I’m almost sleep blogging.

My Dr has taken me down from 7 pills a day to 1! It’s a chill pill, so my mornings are mostly dozy and have been for a while. 🙂