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New Eyebrows + Day 14 Fitness Gaming

Ya girl got new eyebrows today! 👀

Did I mention that my eyebrows just decided to fall out earlier on in the year? No?

Well they did, I don’t know what happened whether it was the stress of the pandemic or an allergic reaction to the night cream I was using at the time but they just started falling out. I’ve been in a committed relationship with all kinds of eyebrow pencils ever since. 😜

Seeing as our COVID alert level was reduced down to 2 and things improved a bit, I decided to take the leap and go to the brow bar to sort out what I had left. To be fair they have grown a bit since they fell out but as I’m natural blonde, they grew back in very light.

New eyebrows
I still can’t take selfies 😜

I’m not sure what happened but the brow girl had to put the dye on like 4 times as my hair just wouldn’t keep the colour. She started with light brown and ended up using black dye! The last time I had my eyebrows done was when I last had my hair highlighted in August 2019.

It was a bit of a shock but then once I put my black Ray Ban glasses on they looked great. They are still a bit sparse and had to be filled in with makeup too, but hopefully they will grow back a bit more over time. What do you think? 👀

Day 14/30 Fitness Gaming Challenge

I was up at 5am so I managed to go on a 2,81 km walk before breakfast and before my eyebrow appointment. I had Pokémon Go Adventure Sync on and I caught a wild Espeon! Result. I’m loving playing Pokémon Go lately.

Day 14 of the Fitness Gaming Challenge

Later on me and E had another walk and I managed to rack up a total of 9,390 steps and 6,59km! This is the closest I’ve been to 10,000 steps in a long time. 😃

On This Day 2020

  • I’m taking part in the Fitness and Code challenge for National Coding Week
  • Just had a much needed stretch!
  • I like to watch tech YouTube videos from my exercise bike and take regular walks.
  • Lost 2 kilos so far!
  • Fingers crossed I finally get my head around JavaScript. I just started the Introduction to Javascript course with Test Automation University.

On This Day 2018

  • Rollercoaster of emotions for the new Animal Crossing game news! I thought Nintendo were trolling for a minute then BOOM! 💥
  • If they release an Animal Crossing themed Switch with the game, I’ll be all over it.

On This Day 2016

  • Not a fan of the new iOS 10 – overhyped! 🙄
  • Ok I am having a bit of fun with the new stickers feature though.
  • I love my iPhone but I’m always a few behind. I don’t like the zombie hype of ‘oh it’s September, must buy new iPhone’ 😜