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New Animal Crossing amiibo Cards + Anniversary

In 2013 I discovered the world of Animal Crossing. New Leaf was my first experience with the series and today I am celebrating my anniversary as Mayor! I also have some new Animal Crossing amiibo cards to show you.

This game just gets me. The music is so uplifting and sometimes sends me asleep because I play during siesta time. I got back into playing again a couple of months before the new update and even after 3 years it’s still so much fun. 🙂

To commemorate the day I thought I’d share a few ACNL screenshots from my town of Peken and some photos of my new Welcome amiibo cards.

Isabelle greeted me at my front door and I really wish I’d been wearing something other than my wetsuit, but well! It’s authentic because that’s how I’m often dressed running around my town.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Update Anniversary

TIP: To save 1 pocket space, switch to wearing your wetsuit and all your clothes will temporarily disappear from your pocket. This is great if you don’t feel like running back home to your secret storage!

So Izzy and the other villagers gave me an anniversary gift, a Sapling clock! It’s so cute and I’m still redecorating so I just kind of threw it on the floor hehe. Also, did you know that in Spain, Isabelle is called Canela? That translates to cinnamon and it just makes her even cuter IMO!

New Animal Crossing amiibo cards

Last week I celebrated my birthday so my Fiancé treated me to 4 packs of the new Animal Crossing amiibo cards. My favourite villager so far is Murphy! On his card you can see some kind of pickled kidney in a jar which is just hilarious. I scanned him in yesterday via Wisp and he gave me a skeleton as a present. It’s like one of those classroom skeletons.

New Animal Crossing amiibo cards

Today I scanned in the Boris amiibo card and met him at his RV in the campsite. As cute as the Mush TV is, I want to modernise my home a little and Boris has a nifty home entertainment system. I ordered the flatscreen TV and the popcorn. 🙂 I can’t wait until these are delivered by post tomorrow.

New Animal Crossing amiibo cards Boris

There’s also a notice on the town board that there’s snow on the way! How exciting!! I can’t wait to catch snowflakes on my tongue, make snow angels and build a snowman. It’s about 30ºC degrees where I live, so I experience Winter vicariously through my villagers hehe.

Do you have any of the new amiibo cards? Here in Spain they were released on the 11th November but I know some people are having trouble finding them.

Sanrio Animal Crossing Cards

Last but not least, Nintendo announced Sanrio Animal Crossing cards due for release in Europe on 25th November! Here’s a little promotional video. How cute!

So which villager or furniture are you looking forward to most?

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