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Real Life Donut Emoji | Chocolate Dunkin with Sprinkles

Never Give Up

Welcome to the Daily Geek Blog project. An idea that came about while I was cleaning the microwave on a hot day in May. I needed something to help ease myself off the drug that is social media. This is what I’ve done every May 18th for the last 10 ...

Welcome to the Daily Geek Blog project. An idea that came about while I was cleaning the microwave on a hot day in May. I needed something to help ease myself off the drug that is social media.

This is what I’ve done every May 18th for the last 10 years according to Twitter and Instagram. Let’s face it, it’s going to be more than one line a day, clearly I enjoy oversharing. 😆

Real Life Donut Emoji | Chocolate Dunkin with Sprinkles
Throwback to this donut I had in 2015

Never Give Up

  • FitBy40
    • Morning jog inspired by my #RingFitAdventureClub crew and my friend Miguel who said yesterday ‘Never give up
    • I was sweating so bad hahah I wanted to play but didn’t want to face any monsters today. Dragaux stadium has a LOT of stairs!!!
  • Reading
    • The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.
    • My TBR list is huge. I try to read too many different books at the same time. 😆
  • Random Thoughts
    • We might be allowed to leave the house without wearing our masks soon 😱
    • Fernando Simón says and I quote: «en no muchos días» so it could be soon. But only for exteriors. Guessing we will need them for shops and restaurants a little longer.


  • Random Thoughts
    • Our island is currently in Phase 1 of lockdown. Still using time slots for walks and exercise until next Monday. So much to remember.
  • Watching
    • Really enjoying The Outsider on HBO



  • Fitness
    • My fitbit #FitStats for 5/17/2018: 9,658 steps and 6.4 km traveled.
  • Random Thoughts
    • “We grow fearless when we do the things we fear.” —Robin Sharma
    • I had a bit of a breakthrough in Spanish class yesterday after a tough month of learning the subjunctive.


  • Office
    • Back at my desk after almost 3 weeks – it feels good and I feel refreshed.
  • Random Thoughts
    • Excited to see my dog.
  • Listening to
    • Do yourself a favour and listen to the original version of Despacito.
    • Blasting reggaeton and getting back into the island flow.


  • Random Thoughts
    • Is it normal for a shipping company to ask exactly what is in your parcel before they deliver it to you?
    • I have 1 Funko Pop at the moment but plan to buy more. I got Chewbacca from The Force Awakens. He is so adorable and looks like my dog haha. I’m not sure which direction to go next with my Funko Collection. Might pick up a Han Solo one to keep him company. 😍
  • Office
    • That satisfaction of completing a HUGE task on your to do list! Thanks Asana 😄
  • Fitness
    • My fitbit #FitStats for 5/17/2016: 8,635 steps and 5.7 km traveled.
  • Gaming
    • I thought MiiTomo was fun at first, but then it was like a survey with the never-ending questions
  • Watching
    • Freaks and Geeks
    • 11.22.63 – The finale of 11.22.63 is on tonight and my body isn’t ready.
      • Best thing I’ve watched in a while. Was sad it finished. James Franco really delivers.


  • Food
    • Just ate the donut emoji at Dunkin 🍩
  • Random Thoughts
    • Part of blogging is curating great content
    • I like to keep things private on my blog, referring to my Fiancé as E.
    • Hidden gem in the junk drawer! A Blythe doll notebook I’d forgotten about.


  • Fitness
    • My fitbit #Fitstats for 5/17/2014: 5,668 steps and 3.7 km traveled.
    • I unlocked the Zumba Master achievement in Zumba Fitness: World Party!
  • Gaming
    • Will you be investing in Mario Kart 8? I’ve already pre-ordered
  • Office
    • Trello is really helping me get sorted in my home office, boards for work and one for housework.
  • Food
    • I’ve been loving salad so much this month haha, been eating it almost everyday.
  • Beauty Stuff
    • Batiste Hair dry shampoo always does it for me.
    • Have you tried Garnier BB cream? They do SPF 30 and 50 it has a hint of colour too.


  • Fitness
    • Played Zumba Fitness Core (360) in the last 24 hours.
  • Watching
    • Anyone else super confused about what happened in the season finale of The Vampire Diaries? Stefan what?
    • Eurovision 2013
      • Was just reminded about #Eurovision2013 tonight, let the live tweeting about strange clothing and vocals commence!
      • Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since…. last year LOL. I don’t even know who’s participating or anything! Will be an interesting surprise – last year’s winning song was gr8!
      • Ooh he’s like the Enrique Iglesias of Azerbaijan 🙂
      • #alcoholisfree – mmm catchy lol
      • Italy isn’t bad 🙊
  • Listening to:
    • Here We Go Yo on LatinoHD – Reggaeton 24/7 on TuneIn
    • What You Want – Mace (feat. Total)



  • Random Thoughts
    • Why do I always use the oldest most broken pen when I have shiny new ones in my pen pot? lol

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