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Geek Life Lately 4

Hi friends! Another week has passed and November is certainly whizzing by for me. Here we are, time for another Geek Life Lately post!

Last week I took part in the Nerdvember challenge, where the aim of the game is to post a geeky themed outfit each day throughout November.

I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show off some of my geeky t-shirts and use my new selfie stick I got for my birthday.


Avocado and Chocolate

I’ve had some tests done on my kidneys, so I was poked and prodded for 2 days. Luckily the place where the hospital is has a great indoor market with the freshest fruit and veggies I’ve ever tasted. Of course we had to pick up some goodies, namely fresh avocados! There’s also a bakery nearby so it was rude not to enjoy some pain au chocolat on the way home. It cheered me up immensely!

pain au chocolat

Gingerbread Yankee Candle

Everyone’s talking about Christmas, although it still feels a little early for me to be thinking about it. I am however looking forward to seeing my family and having a good old Spanish Christmas. To lift my spirits a little, I invested in this Gingerbread Yankee Candle, which is just a delicious scent. I admit it did smell very overpowering in the shop, but once lit it just gives a wonderful smell to my home.

Yankee Candle Gingerbread 22oz
Gingerbread Daddy Yankee Candle Smells Delicious!

Autumn Walks

This beautiful palm tree and buganvilla are a typical part of my Autumn walks. Here in the Canaries it still feels like Summer, but at least the evenings are getting a little bit cooler now so I can snuggle under the blankets.

Palm Tree and Pink Buganvilla in the Canary Islands
What a lovely view | Palm tree and pink buganvilla

My week in stats:

noms I ate:

Salty popcorn
Crackers, cheese and pickles
Pan chocolate
Fresh avocado


The Vampire Diaries
Big Bang Theory
The Notebook
Let’s be Cops
Are you Afraid of the Dark? (Do you remember this? Every episode is on Youtube!)
2 Broke Girls


42,851 steps

video games played:

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff
Animal Crossing New Leaf

How was your week?

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