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Geek Life Lately 12

Welcome to another Geek Life Lately, today I’m nerding out about a few things I’m enjoying this week!

In case you missed it, FitBit announced their new smart watch at CES 2016 this month. The Fitbit Blaze is available for pre-order, to be released in March this year. On the announcement day Twitter was a mixture of ‘Oh this thing is cool’ and ‘Oh great, I’ve just upgraded my Fitbit this Christmas and now there is a new one out!’

I personally have been using the FitBit Flex for a couple of years, so there’s a good chance I will be taking the plunge with this one. I love the plum colour! The apple watch just seemed too much of a gimmick and far too expensive for me. The price point for the Blaze is a lot more reasonable at £159.99/$199.95.

Do you want to learn a new language? I can’t recommend Duolingo enough. It’s free to use and you can learn from your browser or app. Duolingo turns learning into a game, I’ve just levelled up in Spanish! They have an awesome feature for LinkedIn users, which allows you to add your language proficiency to your profile.

Duolingo Spanish
Duolingo Level 10!

Hurrah, I finally got new glasses! These Ray-Bans are my 3 Kings present from my parents and I love them! At first I was like, no way can I pull off black glasses with my pasty face, but I heart them so much. I have plans to get my eyebrows tinted again since these glasses work best with a strong brow.

Ray-Ban 5255 Black Crystal | Cuteek cute geek lifestyle blog

Have you heard of a brand called Mr Wonderful? They usually make stationery and accessories, but this Winter they did a collab with Oysho. My Fiancé got me this beautifully fluffy unicorn lounge top for Christmas and it’s sooo comfy! How amazing is the quote ‘Nothing is impossible‘? There is a unicorn blanket with the same design, but it’s sold out everywhere.

Mr Wonderful Oysho Unicorn Nothing is Impossible

Over Christmas I donated more than 100 Barbie dolls, figures and toys. The boxed toys went to the Christmas toy drive in my village and the rest to a local animal charity shop. So as you see I’ve been more focused on clearing out than collecting lately.

TV & Movies
Where my fellow Pretty Little Liars nerds at? Ok after waiting for what seems like FOREVER, PLL is back! Just when I thought the PLL theories would stop, the mysteries of Rosewood have my brain all fired up again. New post coming soon on what I think is really going on.

New Pretty Little Liars Intro

Some late night Netflixing had me watching a Disney film called Zapped. It’s about a girl who discovers the dog obedience app on her phone works on boys. Of course she uses it to her advantage, until it all backfires.

Another treat from my Fiancé is this delicious smelling Fuji Green Tea body lotion and soap from The Body Shop. I’ve had the lotion before but this was my first time trying the soap. In fact I haven’t used old school soap in years. It smells yummy like the lotion but with an added oaty smell plus it exfoliates too. My skin has been acting up due to stress and I’m happy to say this is helping!

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea

I also picked up some supermarket beauty bargains from Mercadona. I’m trying out their version of Micellar water, an under eye cream and a L’Occitane hand cream dupe.

After subscribing to PlayStation Plus and downloading the free game Grim Fandango, I just can’t get enough of it. You may have heard me twittering about it. If you love adventure games, then you really need to check it out. See my Grim Fandando review here.

Grim Fandango Remastered

Mini Goals

Did I ever mention that I hate the pressure of making New Year’s resolutions? This section is for me to make mini goals for the week.
+ Learn how to flat lay (in progress)
+ Learn how to drive in GTA V √
+ Finish reading Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell √

How was your week?