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My Twitter Account Has Gone!

Hello there! I may or may not have forgotten how to blog. 😅 In other news, my Twitter account has gone, more on that in a minute.

It’s almost two months since the last post on here. I’ve been busy with life, working and working out.

You may remember that I quit social media for this blog, in a bid to stop procrastinating and to improve my mental and physical health. So of course I deactivated my Twitter account @cuteek and today I remembered to log in and I was saddened to see someone has taken my username.

Jim Carrey Liar Liar Frustrated GIF
my initial reaction

The problem with Twitter when you deactivate I guess is that you have 30 days and then Twitter decides you mustn’t want be addicted your account any longer and they release the username to the public. I’m trying not to be too bothered about this as it’s not the end of the world or anything but at the same time Cuteek has been my online username since I started blogging 5 centuries ago. 👵🏻

The good thing is that I downloaded my twitter archive before I deactivated so I do have a log of everything. As I’m writing this I received an email from Twitter support saying there’s nothing they can do to retrieve my username. I guess as long as the person isn’t trying to personate me there’s nothing much I can do.

So there you go, the Universe has decided for me that I won’t be returning to Twitter. I made a quick burner account this morning so I could contact support and it was nice to see that two friends had missed me.

Cuteek.com is still the way forward and I will continue with my social media archive project the Daily Geek Blog and of course Geek Life Lately along with other blog posts, reviews and updates. I hope to get some time to catch up on reading my favourite blogs soon too although blogging seems to have changed a lot in favour of social updates.

Stay tuned for a new Geek Life Lately. I appreciate you, thanks for reading – Vikki 💖