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My First Vlog!

Hi cute geeks!

Ever had one of those #YOLO what the hell kind of moments?

I did and that’s how my first vlog came about this week. Filming a vlog has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I don’t want to be Youtube famous or anything, this is just something I’m having fun with and of course another way to show my geeky self online.

My First Vlog

Here it is guys. I can’t bare to watch it again haha. How awkward can one person be? 😀

It’s kind of strange watching it back because, well I’m an 80’s kid so I didn’t grow up with cameras, selfies, vines and all that biz. One of my goals is that my camera confidence will improve. It’s hard to believe I used to work on stage as an entertainer when that little mouse speaks at the beginning. Hahaha. That’s what being a hermit does to you. Be social. 🙂

Hitting publish on my first vlog was so nerve wracking. When I saw the lovely comments I was getting via Twitter and Youtube from fellow bloggers, it just made me happy cry. Since then I’ve made a few notes on how to improve and get over the nerves. I also have some fun ideas for future videos and will continue to upload my gaming videos too, which I’m crazy enjoying! (Click here to see one of my GTA 5 videos.)

Tips for making your first vlog

As you can see I’m no expert, but even the best Youtubers started somewhere.

Here are a couple of tips:
+ Don’t try to impersonate your favourite Youtuber. This is going to show right away, just be you whether that is quiet and awkward or loud and outgoing!

+ Think of some ideas for your video before you film. Just like writing a blog post really. I personally write down ideas before I even open WordPress otherwise I waste time gaping at the screen.

+ Look at the camera lens. This is something I’ve heard people saying a lot. If you look off to the side you aren’t connecting with your viewers.

+ If you enjoy making videos, think about upgrading your equipment but not before. Imagine going out and buying loads of gadgets only to find you don’t have fun making vlogs?

+ What topics are you passionate about? Chances are, those videos will turn out the best.

Once again they are just a few tips but of course I still have a LOT to learn. Thanks for reading and watching!

What are your Youtube and Vlog tips?