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Six Years of Blog Posts GONE!

I guess I’m here to rant again, well what would be the use in having a blog otherwise?

So I still don’t have my blog back from Blogger or Blogspot. When I appeal they say they will review it within 2 business days and that it looks like it was scooped up by accident with a load of spam blogs. I’ve been waiting now since 20th February 2013!

I just wish I knew either way if I’m going to get my hard work of 6 years back or not!

This is my 'My blog was deleted' face | Cuteek Geek Lifestyle
The face of someone with flu who’s blog has just been deleted

I have appealed several times now, but nothing. 🙁

In the meantime, I’ve made a little promise to myself to try and blog more. I set my doll blog up in WP and I’m fixing that up, but so far so good. Just a few adjustments and I’ll be happy with it. If you are into dolls and retro toys then you can take a look at Pimp My Barbie. (These posts now live in the Toys category)

Reading about Blogging

In other news my Mum has been staying with us for a while and she’s really taken to her Kindle.
She’s been going through books like John Travolta in the movie Phenomenon, so of course I’ve been looking on Amazon for free kindle books for her. One that I downloaded for my iPad and paid for is Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community.

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but thought I would get it for when I have a few minutes and restore my faith in blogging.

I also just treated myself to a little keyboard for my iPad. I thought this Bluetooth wireless keyboard would be perfect for when I have my iPad out and have a great blog idea but can’t type fast enough on the touch screen keys or if I’m out and about.

Here’s hoping it arrives soon as some of my best blog ideas are when I’m about to go to sleep or get up.

I’ve also found a couple of cool blog idea generators to give me ideas in times of need, which seem to happen a lot. Brain fog is not fun and I hate that the anti-anxiety tablets I’m taking seem to add to it, hence the idea gens. One thing I also love to do when I have brain fog is take a walk, walking clears my head but also gives me ideas and allows new thoughts in.

I will probably start doing Zumba again soon (haven’t been able to after having a deadly ZombieFlu, my chest couldn’t take it) and a new Zumba class has just started nearby. I’m sure that will give me plenty to blog about.