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Geek Life Lately 5

Hi friends! Where is November going?! I’m nerding out because the weather is changing and I’m finally wearing my Mickey Mouse sweater! Without further ado, here’s the fifth edition of Geek Life Lately.

Kidney Probs

So the week started off a bit crappy, I found out that I need another operation on my kidney. I’m feeling a bit fed up about this, as my body is only just getting back to normal after my last kidney surgery for nephroptosis aka floating kidney.

To cheer me up, E brought me some pain au chocolat from the bakery I really like and also cooked dinner.

Hello Kidney

Fall TV

I’m so pleased that 2 Broke Girls is back on! I love the quick wit and humour from Max and Caroline and I love seeing the total they’ve saved from their cupcake business at the end of each episode. Also, how relevant it is, they mention instagram, trends and it’s relatable. In the last episode I saw, Caroline got Han’s prize tropical fish stuck in her top, it was hilarious.

2 Broke Girls

One night I was chilling out on the sofa and there was a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon on. Previous to this I’d only seen about 4 episodes. I thought I’ll just watch one episode. 2 hours later and minus a few brain cells, I had to force myself to switch off. It’s so mind numbing and addictive at the same time. Kim was rescuing a little Chihuahua, so I just had to watch.

A new show I started watching this season is Jane the Virgin. It’s done in a telenovela style and Jane’s abuela speaks Spanish so I count this as homework. Jane is a virgin but she’s also pregnant, due to a mix up at the Dr’s where she mistakingly gets artificially inseminated. It sounds weird but you should give it a watch.

Mountains and Mario Kart

After Spanish class on Thursday we went for a drive to the mountains. It was beautiful, we ate papas con mojo in a restaurant with a view of this huge ravine. I also made friends with a little ginger cat, who wanted to show me round the village. Of course I fell asleep on the drive back home.

my instaweek

With new tracks released for Mario Kart 8, it was only right that we should have a Mario Kart night. It was really fun to race with Cat Peach and Link on the Excitebike track. It brought back a lot of memories!

Filofax Inserts 2015

I’m in the first year of using a Filofax and thankfully there was a reminder to order new inserts last week. This year I have been using a week on two pages, but it annoys me that the space for Sunday is really small compared to the other days. The day when there is probably more to note down!

So, I took to Amazon and ordered some new inserts for 2015. Because I had some Amazon US gift vouchers, I used the US site and so my inserts are coming all the way from Pennsylvania! That’s quite the journey, right across the Atlantic to the Canary Islands.

The inserts were about $11 and shipping was $15!!! I hope they arrive soon so I can prettify them with my new washi tapes!

My week in stats:

noms I ate:

Salty popcorn
Pain au chocolat
Papas con mojo
Delicious meal made by E


The Vampire Diaries (so many #Delena feels)
2 Broke Girls (Hilarious)
Jane The Virgin (Watch this)
Hancock (can’t believe I’d never seen this until now, loved it)
A Million Ways to Die in the West (Seth MacFarlane is awesome)


29,089 steps

video games played:

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Mario Kart 8

How was your week?