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Mountain Climbers Are Not My Friend

It’s October 3rd which means, Happy Mean Girls Day losers we’re going shopping off to bed soon because it’s 10:30pm on a Sunday night. 

A quick update tonight as this old lady needs sleep. Today we chilled, had strong coffee at one of our favourite places, browsed JD Sports and had pizza. I’m getting really into weekends lately.

Day 3/31 of the Fitness Gaming Challenge

After watching ShortStackedCat’s The Sims 4 stream and a bit of lazing on the sofa I decided to play Ring Fit Adventure. Mountain Climbers are NOT my friend. Anything like that and planks just has me feeling nauseaus but I got there in the end. It may have been the large bowl of popcorn that I inhaled while watching Twitch, who knows? 

Here’s a victory selfie of me after a good workout! Also I found my headband so now more burning sweat in my eyes haha!

Fitness Gaming Challenge October Day 3
Fitness Gaming Challenge October Day 3


I started watching episode 1 of Squid Game. Going into it I had absolutely no idea of what it was about. I was thinking something along the lines of a reality tv show eating squid stuff and maybe a knockout challenge?

I only got halfway into the first episode before realising it’s not what I thought at all and I can’t wait to watch the rest of ep 1 tomorrow! Not that it matters but I’m watching in Korean as I prefer to watch stuff in the original language with subtitles in Spanish, although I did put English subs on for this as I was tired. That’s just how I watch TV and I appreciate that Netflix has a few different options for all viewers.

On This Day 2020

Don’t push me, push a Push Pop! Lollipop with a lid. Genius.

On This Day 2018

  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch is coming to Netflix!
  • Turns out it’s a spinoff called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
  • I was hoping for the remake to be a bit more like the 90s series, this is a bit dark for me. I’ll give it a chance though.
  • I’m a huge wimp but 5 scary films I’ve enjoyed are:
    • The Mist (2007)
    • The Woman in Black
    • The Conjuring
    • Poltergeist (originals films)
    • Trick R Treat
  • 3 songs I’ve been listening to:
    • X – Nicky Jam & J Balvin
    • Corazón – Maluma
    • Te Bote – Nio García, Caspar Mágico + Darell

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🌿💖