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Mid Nacho Chomp

I Got My Vaccine Appointment!

Yesterday E and I went on a spontaneous lunch date. Mid nacho chomp and lemonade slurp, my apple watch pinged, it was a text from the island health service to tell me I have an appointment for my vaccine!

Palm Tree and Turquoise Sky
always look up 🙂

I may have shouted “Woohoo!” in the middle of the restaurant, luckily it wasn’t too busy but I didn’t care. This is the most optimistic I’ve felt in a while. My appointment is at the end of June, I’m hopeful that this is the sign of good things to come. The islands recently opened up vaccination appointments to everyone 16 years and over, so this means my niece and nephew were able to apply too. Go science!

The first thing I wanted to do when I got the news was tweet about it, but I was logged out LOL so I waited until today’s Daily Geek Blog post to share. I didn’t realise how addicted I am to social media!

The following posts are archives from social media, basically tweets and instagram entries from this same day each year.

On This Day 2019

  • Random Thoughts
  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • I never know where to look when taking a mirror selfie, at the mirror, at me? At the mirror to the phone? 😂
  • Gaming
    • Looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer for Little Friends Dogs and Cats. I went to GAME, their stock doesn’t arrive on the island until Monday.

On This Day 2017

  • Watching
    • Pretty Little Liars – I’m pretty sure Aria has a twin! I still think Ella Is A.
  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Amazon Prime still takes 9 days to ship here….
    • So I upgraded to the paid version of Babbel and it’s incredible! *Earns all of the certificates*
    • Recycling, Clothing donations, Pokéwalk
    • Mosquito mesh = 👌🏽 It’s a necessity where I live, can’t stand things flying in especially flying cockroaches also had the occasional lizard come visit.
  • Fitness
    • Facetime chat with the padres + exercise bike = 40 mins fitness
    • My fitbit stats for 5/27/2017: 7,452 steps and 4.9 km traveled.

On This Day 2013

I was chatting to iJustine about these awesome Mr GUGU Miss GO leggings and sweaters I saw on TruffleShuffle which she loved and then she mentioned me on her blog. Immense fangirling!

iJustine Blog Best Ugly Shirts Leggings
That time iJustine featured me on her blog!