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May The Forth Be With You

May The Forth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day! I was very late to the party with Star Wars so my real encounter was Battlefront 2015, after that I got really into the films and franchise as a whole.

I celebrated with a livestream, if you missed it you can check it out in full below. Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by and endured my impressions and terrible gameplay. E is much better at Battlefront than me so I watched him play for a while too. Did you do anything fun to mark the occasion?

Star Wars Day Battlefront 2015 Special Livestream | Supremacy Fails with RambleOn and Margaren
Star Wars Battlefront 2015 Playstation 4 Special Edition
Christmas 2015 when I got my PS4 and Battlefront game.

Should I stream Stranded Deep? I’ve never played it but it looks like Animal Crossing Extreme Level. Oh what the heck, it’s downloading. I get the feeling I will be screaming a lot throughout this game

  • 100 Days Of Code Day 3
    • Studied CSS Grids using the Mimo app. Mimo is like Duolingo but for coding, check it out.
Mimo App CSS Grid
Learning CSS with Mimo App
  • Reading
    • I wonder how long do NetGalley usually take to respond to book review requests? As tempting as it was I didn’t go on a requesting spree. I put my first one in on 14th April and not heard anything yet. I’m pretty sure it was just 2 books. They were both in the sci-fi genre.

On This Day 2020

Anyone else have a cemetery on their Animal Crossing island?

On This Day 2018

E treated me to a gingerbread latte and a new Chewie Funko POP, it really cheered me up as I’m sick. I might make some popcorn and watch The Last Jedi over the weekend.

On This Day 2016

Feeling sick with a migraine, off to wrap myself in a duvet burrito in the dark.