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Magical Sunset + Day 13 Fitness Gaming

OK so how beautiful is this sunset pic that E took? We had a lovely walk along a pretty promenade this evening and had coffee and cake. 💖 I’m loving these Autumn evenings so much and it’s even cooling down a little bit.

Magical Sunset Day 13 Fitness Gaming Challenge
magical sunset 💕

Earlier on today I threw some veggies into the air fryer to see what I could come up with. Some of you have been asking about the air fryer and I will have some posts coming soon with what I make. I’m not sure you would call them recipes and I’m certainly not a food blogger hahah but I’ll give it a go. It’s definitely a great way of getting your daily dose of vegetables. 😝

Day 13/30 Fitness Gaming Challenge

As I mentioned above we took to the promenade and played Pokémon Go together as we walked. 😊 I caught so many different Pokémon including a Ninetails!!

I’m not sure why my apple watch cuts time off my outdoor walks though. It never seems to sync up with my total exercise for the day, but I guess I’m doing the work so it doesn’t matter.

I feel really happy today, plus I’m finally getting somewhere with my Fit By 40 goal. I’ve even broken through my plateau and lost a little bit of weight! 😃

How was your day?

On This Day 2020

  • Watching
    • Crying my eyes out after watching the last episode of Poirot. 😭
    • Magnifique! I feel sad but it ended brilliantly. Becoming Poirot in the DVD extras was great too. First time hearing David Suchet’s real voice and learning more about him.
  • Food Thoughts
    • I haven’t had a roast dinner in 3 years. 😅
    • Today we had noodle box takeout instead. It was nice but made me so sleepy.
    • I actually had rice in mine was loads of brócoli, peppers, mushrooms, and some carrot/cabbage mix with curry sauce.
    • As soon as it cools down we are going out for Indian! Haven’t had Indian in a while, but we like to get the cheese naan, onion bahjis, sag aloo or alo ghobi, sizzling chicken shashlik if eating in the restaurant, medium veg curry.
    • We usually have a roast at Christmas in a restaurant or when we visit England. I like turkey with mine.
    • Baby goat is traditionally eaten here at the Christmas Eve meal.

On This Day 2018

  • About to visit a lava tube in El Hierro. 😍
  • Update: It was incredible!!!!

On This Day 2017

  • Yikes. I swear I was so careful in the sun today – reapplying SPF 50 but I still managed to burn! 😳

On This Day 2016

  • Just realised that Dean from Gilmore Girls is in Supernatural!
  • I’ve only seen 1 episode of Supernatural. I really want to watch but can’t commit to an 11 season show right now.

On This Day 2012

I’m still traumatised from the first Final Destination movie with the plane! Oh and the one with the rollercoaster! 😲 The one with the train is pretty gruesome too.