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Little Friends Dogs and Cats Review

Little Friends Dogs and Cats is sort of like Nintendogs for the Nintendo Switch. You can pet, dress and play with your virtual dog or cat. Words cannot describe how excited I was to start playing and take a trillion screenshots and videos of my dog. Read on to see what I really thought about this game and if I think it’s worth picking up.

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Nintendo Switch
Little Friends Dogs and Cats on Nintendo Switch

There are 6 dogs and 3 cats to choose from:
Dogs: Toy Poodle, Shiba, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd
Cats: Japanese Cat, American Shorthair. Scottish Fold.

I was really hoping for a Yorkshire Terrier but instead chose a little short haired Chihuahua and named him Poirot! He’s very high maintenance and likes to yap, pee on the carpet and play bally.

Little Friends Dogs and Cats | Chihuahua
Everyone meet Poirot. He’s very high maintenance!

I was reminded of my poor Nintendog that lives in my original pink Nintendo DS, neglected, parched and famished with fleas. Unfortunately? Little Friends don’t get fleas but there are health stat indicators on the screen to tell you if you friend is hungry, thirsty, happy or needs to use the toilet.

I hate to keep comparing this to Nintendogs but I feel like a lot of people will be interested because of that.

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Flying Disc Competition
My baby came 1st place!

There are flying disc games that you can play with the dogs but it can get a bit tiresome after a few goes of throwing the frisbee and the dog not catching it.

The music is jolly and relaxing as are the screen options to watch your pet run around the room which you can also decorate by changing the wallpaper, floor and furniture.

The pet accessories are very cute and unlock as you level up but if I’m totally honest, I found myself getting bored after a few days of playing. It was disappointing really as I was very eager to get stuck into it.

There is a lot I like about this game but I feel like there is also something missing. Maybe this can be added in a future update but I’d like to be able to bathe my pet, not just brush and pet. I would have also liked new mini games.

Nintendogs had this feature where you would put soap on your pets then wash it off with the shower. I think it was a nice feature and one that should have been considered for Little Friends Dogs and Cats.

All in all this is a cute wholesome game that pet lovers will enjoy for a while, but may end up on the forgotten pile, along other virtual pets. I personally traded my copy in at GAME for something else.

TitleLittle Friends Dogs and Cats
Genre: Lifestyle, Simulation
Publisher: Sold Out UK
Release Date: Out Now
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Have you played this game? What did you think?