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IKEA Horseballs

I was just chilling out watching Suburgatory (which is hilarious by the way), lazily checking my Facebook newsfeed at the same time, when I noticed a friend’s status about IKEA meatballs and horses. Oh crap! Straight to Google I hopped just in case my eyes … Read more

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Review

In the lead up to Christmas and New Year, it seems beauty companies are fighting for the top product that will banish these unwanted sun and age spots. Garnier have had adverts rolling all week on tv so I thought I’d check it out their … Read more

My Wisdom Teeth Removal Story

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Tuesday at 6pm I had a date…. with the dentist. Here is my wisdom teeth removal story. I went into my appointment thinking I was having one wisdom tooth out, but after x-rays and some convincing from the dental assistant that it … Read more

My First Instagram Post | Geek blogger | Cuteek

My First Instagram Post

As you probably know, I no longer use Instagram for this blog. I did download my archive though, so I thought I would share my very first Instagram post with you here on the blog. Here’s 2011 me, making my debut on Cuteek instagram wearing … Read more