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How to Grow an Avocado Tree

I was about to throw out the big stone from the middle of a yummy ripe avocado but then inspiration struck and I googled how to grow an avocado tree. Many would assume you just put the avocado stone in some soil (wrong) but it …

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This is my 'My blog was deleted' face | Cuteek Geek Lifestyle

Six Years of Blog Posts GONE!

I guess I’m here to rant again, well what would be the use in having a blog otherwise? So I still don’t have my blog back from Blogger or Blogspot. When I appeal they say they will review it within 2 business days and that …

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Zombie Flu and Things Not To Eat

I have Zombie Flu and feeling extremely ropey, with a weird old appetite. My Fanta limon tasted like it had Bacardi in it earlier, I made E taste some to prove it and he just looked at me like I’m nuts! (Maybe I am) Or …

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My First Instagram Post | Geek blogger | Cuteek

My First Instagram Post 2011

As you probably know, I no longer use Instagram for this blog. I did download my archive though, so I thought I would share my very first Instagram post with you here on the blog. Here’s 2011 me, making my debut on Cuteek instagram wearing …

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