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Hello Kidney

Health Insurance Sucks!

Did you read my last post about my imminent kidney surgery? If not you can read it here: it explains what’s been happening so far. Basically my left kidney has dropped and isn’t working as well as it should and I have what is called … Read more

Hello Kidney

I Have a Magical Floating Kidney Nephroptosis

I think you will agree that Magical Floating Kidney sounds much more interesting than Nephroptosis or wandering kidney. Agreed? Ok let’s begin. If you have been a reader of my blog for some time or you know me Away from Keyboard IRL then you will … Read more

Filofax Update

A few weeks ago I made a post called Choosing my First Filofax – I’d been browsing Filofax goodies on Pinterest, the cool and arty ways to customize them, whilst keeping organized and started my own board dedicated to the love of this trendy planner. … Read more

Choosing my first Filofax!

I didn’t think picking out a Filofax would be such a difficult task! I’ve always used diaries, even after I invested in various apple gadgets and gizmos, I still like to write things down, with a pen. Pinterest is totally to blame for my new … Read more

November Photo Challenge 2013

Southport, St Ives and That Time I Dyed My Hair Pink Time for the November photo challenge round up of days 6-10. I’m trying hard to keep up but it’s not easy, I usually just snap away and post whenever I feel like, but I … Read more

OMG Fashion Haul

OMG Fashion Haul When OMG Fashion contacted me to make a review of some of their clothes I was hyped. One look at their website and I found so many cute clothes to pick out some items for my mini haul. The Comic Book Dress … Read more