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Cafe Cortado Largo con Canela

Free Coffee | The Daily Geek 355

What’s better than coffee? Free coffee!!! I was delighted to get a free cup today and will be paying it forward the next chance I get. Honestly I need unlimited refills today, we’re so close to Christmas and there’s so much to do as I’m …

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Blue Chihuahua Sleeping after lunch

The Cozy Urge | The Daily Geek 354

The cosy urge to: These are just a few cozy things I was thinking about this evening. I can’t believe we are so close to the end of the year, it also means that I will be wrapping up this daily blogging project and getting …

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Soup Season

Soup Season | Grateful Bytes 09

It’s technically soup season but the weather would disagree. 😅 It’s still so hot here. Plenty to be grateful for this week including better sleep and getting organized. Here’s a pic of me eating soup, watching Doctor Who in front of the Christmas tree. Cozy …

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I Quit Social Media

Another Trip Around The Sun | Grateful Bytes 08

As I do every year I have stretched my birthday celebrations out as much as possible because why not. I celebrated another trip around the sun. Think about that for one second… a trip around the sun! That’s kind of mind blowing and adventurous right? …

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Zombreak 2020 Zombie KitKats

Hello Spooky Season | Geek Life Lately 45

Spooky season has officially arrived! Time to live our best pumpkin spice life, with chunky cardigans, crunchy leaves, fall outfits and all things Halloween. 🎃 *record scratch* Reality check. While I would like to say I’m curled up in a ball with blankets keeping warm …

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Mean Girls Day Get in Loser GIF

Mean Girls Day | The Daily Geek 277

It’s October 3rd which means, Happy Mean Girls Day! 💖 It’s always a bonus when this day falls on a Wednesday but it’s still a great excuse to wear pink and of course you can sit with us.  Today is a great day to celebrate …

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