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Geek Life Lately 22

I guess it’s been a while since my last Geek Life Lately update. I fully intended to write something up at the end of January and then suddenly here we are in March and this turned into a Life Before Lockdown post. What I did in the last normal months before the pandemic hit.


My parents stayed with us over the Christmas holidays through until January so once they flew back, I had to get back into work mode after a few weeks break.

Silky Terrier Sunbathing
Rambo enjoying some wintersun

We spent most of December working on our new fence on the roof garden so that Rambo could safely enjoy the space. He loves it!
In general we had lots of family days, drives and McDonalds.

Because I took so long to write this up I can’t really remember what I did in January except being cosy, playing videogames and spending time with my family.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Room Escape 50
Luigi’s Mansion 3
Just Dance 2018

You Season 2
Messiah Season 1
The Good Place
Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special
The Morning Show
The Simpsons
The Healing Powers of Dude
Schitt’s Creek Season 6
Climate Change The Facts
The Irishman
Good Boys
The Theory of Everything

The Future is Freelance
Escape The Volcano
Hug The Pug
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In February I decided to get back into decluttering the house with the help of the Messy Minimalist Challenge. I’m currently at the point where I need to clear out some of the stuff to the local charity shop and clothing donation bins before I can purge any more.

Pokémon Happy Meals

McDonalds Spain did a Pokémon Happy Meal toy promotion and I was so excited. I’ve had some really cool Nintendo stuff from McDonalds over the years so I’ll probably work on a separate post for that.

I managed to get 3 different Pokémon Happy Meals over the month but I’ve had to put a stop to McDonalds on Dr’s orders, health comes first. I know in some parts of the world you can just buy the toy but it doesn’t work like that here and I would be too tempted by the smells anyway.

Do you collect Happy Meal toys?

Animal Crossing News

I finally sorted out my Animal Crossing pre-orders and have ordered everything from GAME except for the Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Book which I ordered in English from Amazon.

I will show these off in another post of course but I’m so excited to get my Animal Crossing Switch. I’m currently sharing the OG Day One Switch with E and although he doesn’t get much time to play on it anyway, it will be nice to have my own.

The EU version of the Animal Crossing Special Edition Switch comes with a digital copy of New Horizons but I have also pre-ordered a physical copy which comes with a free Animal Crossing manga. I’m not sure what I’ll do with that, maybe cancel as the manga can be purchased at GAME for around 8€ anyway.

When GAME announced a sweet range of Animal Crossing merch including wallets, hats and t-shirts, I just knew I had to grab a tee. It’s still in the packed but as soon as I get chance I’ll be showing it off in a little photoshoot.

I’m going to be such a little Animal Crossing nerd with all my accessories haha. One thing I also loved was the leaf Aloha Switch case. Living on an island myself, I love the direction that Nintendo went with the island vibes and designs. Can you tell I’m a little bit excited?

We Had A Sandstorm

We had a crazy sandstorm at the end of the month which turned the sky orange. I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s no surprise that I’m still coughing right into March with all the sand particles I breathed in.

Rambo got a bit of grit in his eye during the storm but we managed to flush his eye with drops. With him being blind he doesn’t blink much and can get watery eyes. Aside from that he’s doing well and we are coming up to his sixteenth birthday!

The fence that I mentioned earlier, which took us most of December a bit of January to build, was bending in the sandstorm! One of the things I’m glad we worked on was reinforcing it for high winds. It did pop out of the frame and a load of cable ties snapped off along with a support bar but we did have hurricane strength wind after all. At least now we know what it can endure.

READING Still reading Postscript
WATCHING halfway through watching Kiki’s Delivery Service and Midsommer

Shortly after this post Spain went into complete lockdown