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Level Up

Level Up!

This morning I did a Ring Fit Adventure workout AND went on my bike. I reached level 12! I stormed the factory and found the blender. Then spent all my coins on cute Crystal Dancer workout gear. 😊

Ring Fit Adventure Level 12
Level 12 Woohoo!

It tired me out and I’ll probably feel it tomorrow but it felt good. We are supposed to be getting a heatwave and sandstorm tomorrow with temps over 30ºC so I’m going to make sure I stay well hydrated.

Right now E is making one of my all time favourite foods, chicken supreme! It smells so good! After siesta we plan on having a sort out in our spare room, it’s become a bit of a dumping ground this past year. We already took a load of recycling and clothing donations yesterday.

This quote came up in my Momentum dashboard today. I really felt it.

Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.

– Sadhguru

Hope you have a lovely Saturday. We tend to stay away from the beach areas on a weekend because it gets crowded, it’s a good time to do bits round the house. Do you have any fun weekend plans?

On This Day 2020

  • The UK have just announced: “All hospital visitors and outpatients will need to wear face coverings” It annoys me so much, just say the bloody word MASKS. Prancing round the rules instead of being direct and calling it what it is confuses people and gives them excuses to not to wear them.
  • Be kind 💖
  • I really like the TV show Blackish, I’ve been watching for several years, it’s funny and I’ve learnt a lot from it. I’d never even heard of Juneteenth prior to watching.

On This Day 2019

On This Day 2017

  • Out of all the Pretty Little Liars I think Aria is most likely to have a Funko Pop collection.
  • I’m really looking forward to a possible new Animal Crossing game at E3 2017 and the Star Wars Battlefront 2 reveal.
  • Time for WWDC!

On This Day 2016

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • RIP to my MacBook Pro, it’s 7yrs old. The battery swelled and popped the trackpad out. I’m too scared to open it in case of fire so I think my plan of action is, plug in an external mouse and see if I can get my info off it, then take it to the genius bar. If it’s going to cost a lot, I might consider a new one. We’ve been getting battery warnings for a while before this happened.
MacBook Pro Swollen Battery Trackpad Popped Out
Poor laptop!

On This Day 2015

  • Near 365 days of sunshine and it decides to be cloudy with a chance of meatballs the day I’m flying.
  • A maxi dress dress is perfect to throw on over your bikini, love long wide legged beach trousers too.

On This Day 2013

Woohoo my custom Nutella stickers arrived in the post this morning!

On This Day 2012

So funny, we only went out for a work thing and some ice cream and ended up crashing a wedding. LOL

On This Day 2011

  • Walked 10 miles today. It included canals, boutiques, hiking through a thicket with risk of gas explosions and little cottages 🙂

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