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Geek Girl Standing in Front of a Purple Fountain

Geek Life Lately 24

What day is it? No seriously though does anyone know? Anyway, I have an announcement: Geek Life Lately is back! Hurrah! So I was inspired by the amazing Creatively Cat’s new series The Sunday Diaries and it reminded of when I used to actually, you know, blog for fun and ...

What day is it? No seriously though does anyone know? Anyway, I have an announcement: Geek Life Lately is back! Hurrah!

Geek Girl Standing in Front of a Purple Fountain
Celebrating Level 39

So I was inspired by the amazing Creatively Cat’s new series The Sunday Diaries and it reminded of when I used to actually, you know, blog for fun and not think about WordPress SEO and traffic (which is difficult when you are a digital marketer).

I was thinking about my own weekly blog series and how I just abandoned it somewhere in 2014.

Geek Life Lately had a few different names over the years, some of them a bit cringey including: Instaweek, Instageek and Geek Week.

I would write them up early Monday morning, then hit publish before heading off to language school. Who was I??? I’m surprised I kept them going for as long as I did. The later posts became beasts with a 3 month update and it soon fizzled out.

Halloween + Level 39

Seeing as these are weekly posts and I’ve missed a few days, I’ll go from Halloween and hopefully I’ll be up to date by next Monday’s post. Heh!

Of course Halloween meant all of the spooky gaming content and I am here for that. Crafting spooky stuff from pumpkins in Animal Crossing, sneaking round as a shadow in Fortnitemares and the Haunted Hallows event in Rocket League, who needs a Halloween party?!

Halloween night I watched Hubie Halloween, which despite not being able to understand what Adam Sandler was saying (why does he do that voice?) I loved the whole theme of the film with the street full of decorations and trick or treaters. I ate SO much candy and popcorn!

Late on Halloween night we watched the J.Balvin Afterlife Concert via Ibai’s Twitch stream.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Birthday Party
A surprise Animal Crossing birthday party

On my birthday I reached Level 39, but I woke up with a massive migraine and couldn’t function until later on in the day. My Fiancé got me a Baby Yoda Funko Pop (the one with the control knob) which I adore so much. I also got some Cool Waters perfume (it’s weird shopping for perfume in a pandemic you just have to go with what you know, no sniffing in the shop) and a FireTVStick which is awesome!

We ordered Chinese takeaway, chilled out and then later on we went out for celebratory coffee and cookies.

I was so happy when my Animal Crossing frens organized a surprise party for me on Clipper island. It was so nice to have a virtual party and cupcakes.

Hiking with the pups

People have asked us if we got a new dog or dogs after Rambo passed away. No we didn’t, but we do regularly steal my brother in law’s dogs Chester and Cooper to go for walkies and have snugs. It’s what we need right now. 💖

Hiking With Small Dogs | Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua Puppy
Hiking with the boys 😀

Having learned from Señor Rambo, they both love the car and exploring new places. We took them on a little hike and car ride.


One thing I enjoyed adding to the bottom of each post was a currently list of things I’d done or enjoyed from the previous week. These are fun to look at years later, especially when I can see what music past me was listening to or what video game I was playing.

Duolingo Spanish – Pearl League
Khan Academy Computer Programming
100 Days Of Code 45/100

La Gente y La Cultura
by Susan Nichols
Sistemas solares: Planetas, estrellas y órbitas by Nadia Higgins
Sundaes con Harriet Tubman by Kyla Steinkraus
Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss by Fiona Thomas (17%) *affiliate link

100 Days of Yoga (5/100)
Daily Walks

TheDragonFeeney Animal Crossing stream (Twitch) A chill stream decorating for Halloween.
Ibai Halloween J.Balvin Afterlife Stream (Twitch) this was amazing!
Long Shot (Amazon Prime) I found this hilarious!
Hubie Halloween (Netflix) Adam Sandler doing that Little Nicky voice again, cheesy Halloween content.
My Christmas Inn (Netflix) The start of my cheesy Christmas film watching and 2 surprise cameos.
Holidate (Netflix) Mega cheesy but had 3 really good laughs.
Christmas Made to Order (Netflix) They are getting cheesier but this Grinch don’t care ha!
iJustine Ultimate LEGO Super Mario Course (YouTube) This is incredible!
The Mandalorian S2 E1 Chapter 9 aka The Baby Yoda Show (Disney+) What snacki snacks will The Child eat this week? 🐸

Island Saver
(PS4) Completed!
Animal Crossing New Horizons (Nintendo Switch)
Rocket League Haunted Hallows Event (PS4)
Fortnite Fortnitemares Event (PS4)

Amarillo by J.Balvin (listening to this on repeat lately)

Little Miss Katy Photo Challenge #7ColoursWithKaty – check out this fun photo challenge
Grand Theft Auto Photos – I’ve been working on my gaming photography

How was your week?
I hope you enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed writing it. These updates should be roughly every Monday from now on.

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