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Level 37 Achievement Unlocked

I’ve been meaning to write a Geek Life Lately for a while, but SO much has happened I just didn’t know where to start. So in November I levelled up and turned 37. Just writing that makes me feel so ancient haha. (says the girl who just stirred her green ...

I’ve been meaning to write a Geek Life Lately for a while, but SO much has happened I just didn’t know where to start.

So in November I levelled up and turned 37. Just writing that makes me feel so ancient haha.

(says the girl who just stirred her green tea with a fork) ????

I received many lovely birthday messages, some of them mistaking me for being in my 20’s. That made my day LOL!

Level 37 Unlocked
I think the numbers are the wrong way round! haha

I’ve been having a lot of problems with my kidneys lately and unable to leave the house for more than a few hours at a time. Because of this we cancelled our trip to England and my Fiancé booked us a little getaway to the mountains for my birthday.

Geeky Portrait
A quick pic (to send to my Mum lol) on the way to the mountains

We loaded up the car with our cold weather things including my new Luna Lovegood scarf, a little birthday gift to myself from Prophecy Girl.

On the way up to the mountains we stopped at a little bakery and had chocolate birthday cake and coffee for breakfast.

We stayed at Hotel Parador Cruz de Tejeda which was very cosy and is located in one of Spain’s prettiest towns. The sunset that night was incredible and as the sun dropped behind the peaks, the temperature dropped to 10ºC degrees and yes there were still people in the heated pool!

Cruz de Tejeda Sunset
Sunset from Parador Cruz de Tejeda

Can you believe it gets that cold in Gran Canaria?

Even though we only stayed for one night, it felt nice to switch off a little and just enjoy our time there, I even had a bath!

(We only have a shower at home LOL)

If I was feeling fit and healthy we probably would have checked out the walking trails from the hotel or explored the main town a little more.


I’m going to get my diary from the other room because brain fog is a thing and I need to remember what I did in November! ????

My Workspace

One thing I did do was clean my desk! The clutter of notebooks, wires and pens was distracting me so I took everything off it and am only allowing stuff back on which I need. I try to do a little clean up every day too, this helps keep it in check.

My office chair is a pink DX Racer gaming chair and it’s the comfiest investment I ever made! Funnily enough I don’t do any gaming from this desk, it’s all biz.

What do you think?

Home Office Desk Space with DX Racer Chair
I wish my desk was this tidy right now!

(One hour later: took a break for lunch and a quick game of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, which I’m addicted to at the moment!)

Floating Kidney

As I mentioned earlier, my kidneys have been making me ill. I have a rare but thankfully fixable illness called Nephroptosis or Floating Kidney. I’ve had it before in my left kidney and had it fixed with surgery but LUCKY ME I now have the same problem in my right kidney.

Just after my birthday I had a flurry of hospital appointments and tests. My urologist sent me for a CAT scan which was not the nicest but the positive of that experience was it was like getting a full body check and my other organs are healthy. Because my kidney floats down when I am upright, I also had to have a kidney scan called a MAG3 Renogram with nuclear medicine the week after.

This showed how my kidney was functioning and the position of it. Trying to look at the positives again, my left kidney that I had surgery on in 2014 is doing well and my function has actually improved, although my right kidney has shrunk, dropped out of the plexus and isn’t emptying properly hence the agonising pains.

So my surgery is scheduled for January 2019 which means that I will be having pre-op tests and a meeting with the anaesthetist over Christmas. Hence the increased levels of Grinch and bah humbug this year.

In between having tests my Fiancé and I both came down with a sickness bug and our washing machine finally gave up. PHEW! November was a month and a half for sure!

Geek Life Lately Level 37
Rambo, Carrot Cake + Spyro

Aside from our stay in the mountains, some nice days out with Rambo and a visit to the Häagen-Dazs café for some delicious carrot cake, another highlight was picking up my copy of Spyro Reignited from GAME! What a nostalgia trip it is and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve been sharing so many screenshots! A full Spyro review will be coming soon. I’m currently about 50% through the first game and really trying to get those trophies.

What’s keeping you going this month? Are you looking forward to the festive season or are you Grinching it up like me?

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