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LEGO DC Super Villains Review

So you’re wondering if LEGO DC Super-Villains is any good, is it worth picking up and are the puzzles good.

This game is an action-adventure puzzle where you play as the Bad Guys (The Injustice League: Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman) who are trying to take down the even worse Bad Guys (The Justice Syndicate: Ultraman, Power Ring) as the original Justice League (Superman, Batman, WonderWoman) have disappeared.

LEGO DC Super Villains Review

I’ll keep it real, I honestly didn’t expect to like it but in fact I FREAKING love it! I picked up the free digital version with PS Plus at the end of 2021 and have managed to put some hours in lately while I was isolating.

Great game to pass the time while staying home from work or school.

There have been a few hiccups which I will explain but all in all it’s been packed full of puzzles, graphics are super vivid, the soundtrack is amazing and I’m just now learning that Mark Hamill, Tara Strong and a bunch of other awesome actors did the voice acting.

Prior to playing LEGO DC Super Villains, the other LEGO games I played were LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens which I thought were very different in comparison. Super Villains for me is the best LEGO video game so far!

I’ve always been a fan of The Joker and recently after watching The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey fond of Harley Quinn and the rest of the gang. With the voice acting, quirks and movements, LEGO has kept that essence of each character and introducing me to a whole bunch of new ones along the way.

LEGO DC Super-Villains Trailer

Riddle Me This

Are the puzzles hard? Good question. While I personally found some difficulty in the wall jump function at first, the actual puzzles are solvable. Depending on ability/age you may need a little hint from YouTube now and then to keep the experience enjoyable rather than spending an hour stuck on something. There’s plenty of walkthroughs to check out that will have the answers so you can continue your mission. Once you figure them out and you have unlocked the character with the required skill, it does get easier.

Some of the NPCs (non playable characters) had me giggling with their comments as I travelled open world through the map. “I’m sorry I criticized your choice of organic lipbalm” had me for a few minutes. 😂

Side quests on side quests

So I got side tracked so many times playing this, I’d be on story mode then suddenly I’d be off doing my own ‘open world’ style exploring. This is easily done and honestly part of the fun.

As long as you remember to save!

I had a learning curve with this and although the game is supposed to save when the small Harley icon shows bottom left of the screen, you will still need to go into the menu and save your progress, which is different to ‘exit game’, so be careful.


Another couple of problems I had relating to save, was I was in the middle of story mode so I couldn’t save at that point and just left the menu on until I came back from an errand. About 40 mins later I came back to my TV on standby which then turned the PS4 off. Watch out for that.

Also there was a point where I’d been playing in the space level OA when my PlayStation suddenly came up with the blue error screen and asked me to send feedback. I assumed that this would return me to the game but in fact I was sent back to the PlayStation 4 dashboard. I was pretty gutted about this as it ruined an hours work. It said that the game needed to be updated. This happened 3 more times until it finally let me progress onto the next level.

Boss Fights

I feel like all the boss fights in story mode made me prepared for the final fight in story mode. The credits rolled and at 23 or so hours I felt sad my adventure was over. Or was it? After watching the full list of everyone involved (and it’s a LOT) I was able to go back into more levels and continue with free play.

This is going to allow me to tidy up and collect all those remaining golden bricks and trophies. It still surprises me how much playability there is in this game. It’s going to keep anyone who plays it entertained for quite a while. Sadly my Playstation Plus subscription ended before I was able to hit platinum but thoroughly enjoyed the game.


Overall this is a really fun game for LEGO fans young and old especially if you are also a fan of the DC Universe you’re going to have a great time. There is humour, satisfying LEGO stud collection, exploring and puzzles.

I read that this game could be completed in 6 hours which if you are in a hurry you probably could but at 12 hours in I’d only scratched the surface. So there’s plenty of gameplay and if you are a trophy hunter and gold brick seeker then you will love how many puzzles and places there are to explore.

There are also DLCs which open up a bunch more characters. I haven’t tried these but if you complete the game and want more super villain action, this is an option.

Title: LEGO DC Super-Villains
Genre: Action
Publisher: WB Games
Developer:  TT Games
Release Date: Out Now
Age Rating: PEGI 7
Platform: PlayStation 4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, Windows

Will you be picking up this game? Let me know in the comments!