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Leg Day + Day 14 of Ring Fit Adventure Challenge

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part in the 14 Day Ring Fit Adventure Challenge. It was great to meet other fitness gamers and experience the motivation and positivity in the community. 🎉

Geek Fit

So how did I get on with my last day of the Ring Fit challenge?

Fit By 40: Day 14 / 14 of the Ring Fit Adventure Challenge

Leg Day Ring Fit Adventure
14 Day Ring Fit Challenge Done!

Hah! Today was leg day. I played Loot Pass level which only lets you use blue leg fit skills to battle any monsters you encounter. Mine were Thigh Press, Knee Lift and Squat.

PHEW! I’m definitely doing some gentle yoga to rest my legs tomorrow. At one point I thought I would break the Ring with the Thigh Press which is my favourite of the 3.

Conclusion: Although I did skip about 3 days of the challenge (I tried to sub these with other workouts) I am keen to continue. I’ve seen some changes in my body, mainly my back muscles and arms. I’m currently in a weight plateau but I’m trying not to focus too much on that.

It’s great being back on the fitness wagon and here’s to the next challenge! 💪🏻

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