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Laptop Chihuahua

Hey friend, happy Saturday! We’ve had a lovely day once again with our family dogs and chilling out on a terraza with some coffee. We also got roast chicken takeaway from a restaurant which was Rambo‘s favourite. 😊

I think the last time we went there was well before the lockdown in Spain which started on March 15th 2020. We actually enjoyed it much more than the McDonalds that we’d been inhaling on weekends and the dogs enjoyed it too.

Chihuahua asleep by laptop
laptop Chihuahua | my new blog assistant taking a nap on the job

During siesta I did a bit of work on the laptop and even had a little helper. Cooper just loves to sleep on my legs, he has to always be touching even if it’s just with his paw or nose. So cute. Chester settled for a nap in the bed and then a full side FLOOP on the cold floor tiles.


This evening we watched a new show on Netflix called Click Bait. If you like detective or crime shows, it’s worth a watch. It’s about a guy who is supposedly kidnapped and a video of him put online, when the video reaches 5 million views he will die.

So after a lovely day and cleaning up after the pups (who knew that Chihuahua’s shed so much hair?!) I decided it was time to go back on Ring Fit Adventure for day 11 of the September Fitness Gaming Challenge.

I hope you’re having a good weekend so far and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow. 💖 I’m off to do my Duolingo before it gets too late.