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Kidney Surgery: 18 Days Later

It’s been 18 days since my kidney surgery and this is the first time I’m properly using the laptop. I’ve been on my iPod, tweeting and trying to stay up to date with everything, Facebook has kept me pretty occupied through my recovery.

I just logged into Disqus and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of comments I have awaiting moderation, I’ll get round to them but thank you so much to my fellow bloggers and everyone who I connect with online for your get well wishes and messages.

Right after my kidney surgery - out for the count
Right after my kidney surgery – out for the count

The actual surgery was 3 hours long and I have 4 holes in my tummy, which I had 14 staples, now removed and healing sort of ok. I had a Monday to Friday hospital stay in which I didn’t move from the bed once (thanks urine catheter) and then a further week of total rest laying flat to let my kidney heal into it’s new position. Because of the whole laying flat thing, I came home in an ambulance, which was quite fun! 🙂

My fiancé has been amazing, the hospital allowed him to stay in the hospital room with me on a little fold out bed, he’s been helping me to shower everyday since I came home, his family all took turns in sitting with me and visiting and my Mum came to visit to take care of me for 2 weeks. I’m so lucky to have been looked after so well and have such a loving family.

First day home - I was brought home by ambulance :)
First day home – I was brought home by ambulance 🙂

In the last 9 days, I’ve lost 3.5 kilos in weight through better diet (been eating my 5 a day) and have been setting myself mini goals everyday. This has been very important for me and today is the first time I got dressed and not in pijamas! As I live in a building without a lift, there are several sets of stairs to conquer before my hospital appointment next week which I have been taking a go at each day. ‘Poco a poco’ as we say in Spain (little by little).

I thought these past 2 weeks would be perfect to start watching a new series, so I chose Breaking Bad and I’m now on Season 5! I was lucky enough to dodge the spoilers, so I’m really excited to see how it ends.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, I have an episode ready to watch and it’s time to rest. Thanks again friends for your support and messages.