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Kidney Probs 2013

I haven’t been feeling very well lately, I’m undergoing tests to see if I do in fact have kidney stones which has been a bit of an ongoing thing for a few years, but I finally found a really good Dr that sent me for all the tests right away. It all restarted with a UTI the other week and apparently I have some kidney grit? (Turns out it was Nephroptosis!)

IV tap
The IV drip tap the latest in accessories

Because I haven’t felt like myself I haven’t scheduled a hair appointment for a while and my hair got really long. One of my Facebook friends said I should donate my hair to Locks of Love which helps children with hair loss, but I’m really not having that much cut off. I’ve been trying to grow it for a while, but I thought it worth to mention this non-profit charity that uses donated hair to make wigs and other hair prosthetics.

long hair

As you can see I’m starting to resemble Cousin It from the Addams Family 🙂 the pic on the right is what my hair looks like without product and left to air dry.

How was your week?